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UFC 157 Results


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Court McGee vs. Josh Neer Results Results
A former TUF champion in Court McGee vs. a very, very tough guy in Josh Neer. Here's how their UFC 157 match up went down.

Neer landed a nice right on McGee, who started off the aggressor in round one. McGee connected with two straight solid combinations. Amidst some significant trading, McGee staggered Neer with a left hand. Neer connected with a good low kick. McGee then really began to connect with combinations all over the place, moving in and out of trouble and striking at will. And toward the end of the round, a left round kick to the body from McGee hurt his adversary. He followed that up with a flurry of strikes that eventually landed his opponent on the ground where he attempted to sink in a choke before the bell tolled.

McGee won that round easily.

Round two saw McGee light Neer up early with kicks at all angles. A couple of punches saw Neer hit the ground momentarily. And for a good portion of the round, McGee just beat his adversary up. But somewhere in the middle of the stanza, Neer began to land his jab, which allowed him to press forward with combinations successfully. And this led to a round which was very hard to figure.

This is turning into a good, close fight. Neer is one tough dude.

The third round was really, really close initially. In fact, Neer may have been winning things on the feet, when McGee landed a takedown. He wasn’t able to inflict any damage before Neer got up, but was able to continue looking for another one along the cage wall. Eventually, this led to another takedown. This time the takedown stuck, with McGee connecting with significant ground and pound. And that was the story on the fight.

Court McGee defeats Josh Neer by unanimous decision.

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