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UFC on FOX 11 Werdum vs. Browne Results

Werdum vs. Browne and Tate vs. Carmouche.  Check out our event results tonight!

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Khabib Nurmagomedov Defeats Rafael Dos Anjos by Unanimous Decision

Saturday April 19, 2014

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Rafael Dos Anjos at the UFC on FOX 11.  Check out how it all went down here.

After a very long period of relative inaction, Dos Anjos landed a hard kick.  Then Nurmagomedov shot in and achieved the takedown.  Dos Anjos eventually fought his way to an upright position, but Nurmagomedov took him down again.  Dos Anjos got up, immediately finding himself pressed into the cage wall.  He gained separation.  Nice body kick by Dos Anjos.  Then Nurmagomedov shot in and took his opponent down again.  Dos Anjos grabbed an arm, looking for a Kimura to no avail.  Dos Anjos got back up.  Upon a separation, Dos Anjos landed a solid knee.  Nurmagomedov shot back in after landing an uppercut.  Dos Anjos was able to separate.  Some solid striking by both parties, with Dos Anjos getting the mild edge.  Then came the bell.

Based on the amount of takedowns, Nurmagomedov probably took the round.  But it was close, primarily because he did very little on the ground with his takedowns, and Dos Anjos was better on his feet in a mild sense.

Early on, after throwing a lot of strikes but missing with most, Nurmagomedov shot in and gained the takedown.  Dos Anjos held a guillotine without his legs hooked in for a period of time.  The Russian got out of the attempt, which was only mildly valid due to the lack of hooks being in.  While on his opponent's back as he attempted to stand, Nurmagomedov landed several knees to the legs.  Then came another takedown.  And until the end of the stanza, Nurmagomedov landed some pretty solid ground and pound.

No doubt who took that stanza.  Nurmagomedov is likely in the lead here.

Round three saw Dos Anjos attempt a takedown, only to find himself involved in a violent hip throw that sent him to the canvas.  And from there, ground and pound took us to the bell.

Nurmagomedov is the real deal.

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Rafael Dos Anjos by unanimous decision.

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Thiago Alves Defeats Seth Baczynski by Unanimous Decision

Saturday April 19, 2014

Seth Baczynski vs. Thiago Alves in Alves' long awaited UFC return.  Here's how it went down at the UFC on FOX 11.

Round one went as follows: Baczynski utilized movement through the majority of the round to land punches, front kicks, and low kicks.  Nothing very hard, but he was definitely the busier striker.  Alves took the majority of the round to figure out his opponent's movement, landing inside leg kicks and that was about it for a long period.  But toward the end of the round, he hit home with some HARD low kicks that really seemed to hurt his adversary.  What's more, some crisp punches also connected.

Close stanza.  I might actually give it to Baczynski based on sheer amount. But it could go either way.

Round two saw Alves beat his opponent's left leg up some more.  In addition, he hit home some fierce roundhouse kicks to the body, and generally slowed his adversary down.  That's not to say that Baczynski was completely ineffective- he was game, landing punches and kicks in spots- but Alves definitely won the stanza easily.

The third round was a good one.  Baczynski landed a lot of punches, particularly early on, and some were hard.  That said, Alves also hit home with hard punches, in combination with those dreaded low kicks and body kicks.

Simply put, a very good fight.  Alves hardly looked as if he hadn't fought in a couple of years, and at the very least took home the second and third rounds.

Thiago Alves defeats Seth Baczynski by unanimous decision.

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Jorge Masvidal vs. Pat Healy Results - Jorge Masvidal defeats Pat Healy by unanimous decision.

Saturday April 19, 2014

Jorge Masvida vs. Pat Healy.  Yep, a battle at the UFC on FOX 11 between two former Strikeforce fighters.  Here's how their battle went down.

Early on, Masvidal took the center of the Octagon.  Healy hit home with a low kick.  Masvidal landed a side kick to the shin.  Healy hit home with another low kick, then a grazing combination.  Lots of those low side kicks from Masvidal.  When Healy came inside, Masvidal connected with a hard punch.  Masvidal is hitting home with kicks and right hands when Healy comes inside.  Still, those strikes didn't stop Healy from pressing in looking for the single leg takedown, which after time he had to let go of.  But Healy came inside immediately again, connecting with punches to his opponent's body before clinching.  He nabbed a body lock and took Masvidal down.  His opponent got right back up to find himself in the clinch with his back to the cage wall again.  Healy is doing a good job of dirty boxing, but Masvidal got away.  Masvidal landed a hard left kick to the body, a knee, and then came a scramble on the floor ensued as they both were tangled.  Both came to their feet and connected with strikes before the bell.

Good, close round.

Early in round two, Healy once again pressed forward, using strikes to push his adversary into the cage wall.  Masvidal avoided the takedown and hit home with a knee before gaining separation.  Nice jab by Masvidal.  The story was that Healy kept pressing forward, often getting hit in spots on the way in.  But then after the two minute mark, Masvidal connected with a strong spinning hook kick, followed by punches.  Healy took his adversary down, but Masvidal got right back up.  Then Healy pressed him into the cage wall again, where he landed multiple body punches.  Masvidal forced a separation, connecting with strikes.  Then Healy forced another clinch before the bell.

This is a hard fight to score.  Masvidal's strikes are coming in cleaner and crisper.  But Healy keeps moving forward, forcing clinches and looking for/gaining takedowns, albeit short-lived ones.

It's anyone's guess in this one, really.

Round three was definitely Masvidal's.  Healy slammed him to the ground.  That said, Masvidal turned things over on him on the canvas, where he controlled things for a good, long while.  And previous to that, as had been the case all fight long, Masvidal was the crisper striker from a distance.

Jorge Masvidal defeats Pat Healy by unanimous decision.

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Chad Laprise Defeats Olivier Aubin-Mercier by Split Decision

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Chad Laprise vs. Olivier Aubin-Mercier (both from Canada) in the Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale.  The fight would determine who would be the welterweight champion of the show, and receive the six figure contract.

Get ready, get set, go!

Early in round one, Aubin-Mercier connected with a nice left hand.  A low kick from Laprise landed.  Another low kick from Laprise, after blocking a high kick.  Mild left hand from Aubin-Mercier.  Laprise messed his opponent's legs up with a couple of more kicks and then shirked a takedown attempt, eating a knee to the body for his efforts.  Nice right hand by Aubin-Mercier.  Solid short right hand by Laprise.  Laprise shirked another takedown, landing punches on the separation.  Then came another low kick.  After a period of time, Aubin-Mercier hit home with a body kick- his opponent with a body punch.  And at the end of the round, in spots, Laprise connected with a diverse repertoire of strikes.

It was a close round.  That said, Laprise, with his low kicks, probably won it.

After a minute had gone by in the second, Aubin-Mercier was able to take his opponent down.  But Laprise managed to turn the tables on his adversary when he went for a guillotine, getting up and hitting home with a hard body shot.

The bottom line on the rest of the stanza is that both fighters were game, but Laprise used angles and quick punches to win the stanza.  Aubin-Mercier needs a stoppage in order to win, I believe.

Aubin-Mercier gained a short lived takedown early in round three.  Laprise swept his opponent's legs out with a kick later in the stanza.  Other than that, it was pretty much the same story on the fight.  Aubin-Mercier is close on his feet, but he just wasn't as polished with his movement.  This one should go to Laprise in a competitive fight.

Chad Laprise defeats Olivier Aubin-Mercier by split decision.

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