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Wrestling and MMA Single Leg Takedown Video Tutorials


There are tons of different wrestling takedowns being utilized in the world today. But let's face it: two of the most recognized are still the double leg and single leg. Speaking of the single leg takedown, forthcoming are four YouTube video tutorials on the subject worth checking out.

Barry Davis Single Leg Takedown Video Tutorial

Anytime that you get a wrestling maneuver explained by an Olympics silver medalist and three time NCAA champion, it's worth listening to.  That's exactly what you get from this single leg takedown video tutorial offered by Barry Davis on YouTube.

Jin Young MMA Single Leg Takedown

The single leg takedown for MMA as explained by Jin Young. 

The High Single Leg

Lots of talk about the standard single leg takedown, but here's a tutorial on how to make the high single leg work.

Single Leg Takedown Finishes

There are several different ways that you may catch a single leg in wrestling.  Carl Adams takes several of them and shows you how to finish in this video.

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