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So many martial arts styles and so little time. Find out what makes each style unique so you can choose the right one. While you’re at it, read up on some of the great style rivalries.
  1. Chinese Martial Arts Styles (13)
  2. Japanese Martial Arts Styles (12)
  3. Korean Martial Arts Styles (5)

What is the Best Martial Arts Style for Self Defense?
Self Defense Martial Arts Styles - Wonder what the best martial arts style for self defense is? Check out the story on a variety of styles and their applicability to real world events.

Karate vs. Muay Thai - Characterists, Great Matches, and More
Karate vs. Muay Thai - Wondering which martial arts style is better? Here's a general description of the differences between the two followed by some of the greatest interdisciplinary matches ever.

Top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vs. Judo Fights: Characteristics, Great Fights, Etc.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vs. Judo - Learn about the characteristics of these two fine arts, as well as some of the great matches and fights between the two styles.

Taekwondo vs. Karate Fights - Which is the Better Martial Arts Style?
Taekwondo vs. Karate - Wondering which is the better martial arts style? We'll tell you the point by point differences before going into some of the more influential and well-known fights between the two styles here.

5 Reasons Why Karate is Effective
5 Reasons Why Karate is Effective- Karate is one of the most highly practiced martial arts styles in the world. Here's why.

A History and Style Guide of Luta Livre
The History of Luta Livre and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Are Intertwined: What many didn't realize at the time was that before the UFC was even an idea, his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had a rival in Brazil. Luta Livra was the martial arts style's name, and no gi submission grappling in combination with strikes was its game.

A History and Style Guide of Kenpo Karate
Kenpo History and Style Guide Introduction: Most Kenpo practitioners still study forms. They also involve themselves in pre-ordained fighting movements against a partner. But the bottom line? Kenpo is about real life stree self defense.

A History and Style Guide of Catch Wrestling
The history of catch wrestling differs significantly from other martial arts styles. After all, how many types of martial arts can you say grew up in carnivals across America?

A History and Style Guide of Muay Thai
Muay Thai History and Style Guide Introduction: They call Muay Thai "the art of eight limbs". When you break it all down, that's perhaps what makes this Thailand national sport so effective in combat.

A History and Style Guide of Jeet Kune Do
Jeet Kune Do History and Style Guide Introduction: Though it fits neatly under the category of a martial arts style, Jeet Kune Do really isn't one. You see, it's more of a philosophy.

A History and Style Guide of Shootfighting
There was really only one true competitor to Royce Gracie and his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style of fighting during that initial UFC tournament way back in 1993, and that person was a shoot fighter or shoot wrestler by the name of Ken Shamrock. Shamrock would eventually become the first Pancrase organization champion, immediately making him a part of shootfighting history.

A History and Style Guide of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art based in ground fighting that is widely utilized by MMA fighters worldwide.

A History and Style Guide of Kickboxing
The term kickboxing is a somewhat generic one used to cover the combination of several different styles of striking or stand up fighting arts that fall within the classification of sport martial arts. Its history is rooted in a blend of Japanese karate and Muay Thai boxing.

A History and Style Guide of Kali
Kali is a term often used in the United States and Europe to describe the elements of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) that focus on sword and stick fighting.

A History and Style Guide of Krav Maga
The roots or history of the martial arts style of Krav Maga dates back to only the 1930's. In that sense, it does not have the lengthy story that some of the Asian-borne styles do.

A History and Style Guide of Russian Sambo
Russian Sambo is a martial arts style and self-defense system that was formulated in the former Soviet Union during the early 1900's. In that sense, it does not have as long a history as some of the Asian styles.

A History and Style Guide of Wrestling
Wrestling refers to contests where two combatants physically engage one another in an attempt to gain control, often by utilizing hand-to-hand techniques designed to throw their opponents off balance and take them down to the ground where they can achieve a dominant position. Wrestling is embedded in the history of nearly every culture.

Beginner's Guide to Pro Wrestling
If you're a beginner looking to learn about Pro Wrestling, this is a good place to start.

A History and Style Guide of Ninjutsu
A History and Style Guide of Ninjutsu - Like many martial arts styles of significance, the history of ninjutsu is difficult to trace. That said, ninjutsu appears to have developed out of a need to oppose the ruling Samurai class between the 13th-16th centuries in the Iga Province and Kōka, Shiga of Japan.

Getting to Know Martial Arts Styles
There are numerous arranged and systemized methods of combat in the world today, and these are often referred to as martial arts styles.

Styles & Instruction - Learn About Martial Arts Styles and Instruction
Want to know about the martial arts? Then this is the place to be. Learn about the various methods of combat that have been systemized- often referred to as martial arts styles- and some of the techniques that are a part of them.

Let's Learn About The Korean Martial Arts Styles
Maybe you've heard of Chuck Norris . At the very least, you've seen one of his martial arts movies or read one of the jokes about him ( here's a list - they're really good). Regardless, his initial training came in the Korean martial arts ( Tang Soo Do , to be specific). Then there's Tae Kwon Do , the most often practiced martial art in the...

What Is the Best Type of Martial Arts?
Each type of martial arts possesses its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it's really about the type that suits what youre looking to do and learn, rather than a global best kind.

A History and Style Guide of Capoeira
A History and Style Guide of Capoeira - Usually when you see people dancing, it's for pure enjoyment. But if you took a longer glance at such activities in Brazil, you might see something different. That something different is capoeira.

What You Need To Know About The Brazilian Martial Arts Styles
When people think of the martial arts , usually Japan or China come to mind. But the names Helio Gracie, Euclydes Hatem, Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, and Manuel dos Reis Machado all conjure up two words- Brazil and greatness . In other words, the Brazilian martial arts styles take a backseat to no country. So read on to find out...

Brief Shotokan Karate Style Guide
A brief Shotokan Karate style guide from All-Karate.com.

Kenpo Karate Style Guide
A Kenpo Karate style guide from All-Karate.com.

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