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UFC on Fuel 6 Macau Predictions


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Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le Prediction
UFC on Fuel 6 Macau Predictions
Courtesy of Sherdog.com
What Rich Franklin brings to the table: Rich Franklin is a very good MMA fighter in every sense of the word. He brings low kicks and solid hands to every fight he participates in from a striking angle, along with good power. He also possesses highly underrated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission skills. Heck, the guy can even wrestle, has excellent cardio, and can keep fighting through a broken bones (ask Chuck Liddell). In other words, he's tough as nails.

In terms of weaknesses, Franklin really doesn't have any notable ones. That said, he isn't great at any one thing, even if he is quite good at a lot of things in the cage. So if you have a great skill set in one area, you might be able to use it to overcome him.

What Cung Le brings to the table: Le has some of the best striking skills, born from a traditional Tae Kwon Do background, the MMA world has ever seen. His side kicks and spinning back kicks are legendary. What's more, he possesses excellent and highly underrated wrestling skills. We're talking about a guy with a junior college state championship on his resume.

In other words, Le is difficult to bring down and can beat the majority of the world on his feet. Are his submissions there? Nope. Further, his cardio has been lacking somewhat in more recent fights, possibly due to his age. So if you want to defeat him, taking him into the later rounds and making the fight into a brawl- ala Wanderlei Silva- is probably the way to go.

Cung Le vs. Rich Franklin Prediction: If this fight goes past round three, Le will likely be in trouble, as Franklin's cardio is probably going to be better than his. However, Le's striking skills are better than his adversary's, and I don't think Franklin can get Le to the ground in the early goings for an appreciable amount of time.

So here's the story on this one. I expect Le to beat Franklin up early. The question is, can he stop him? If he can, he'll obviously win. If not, I would expect Franklin to win in the later rounds against a fatigued opponent by stoppage.


Go with Le in a minor upset to stop Franklin with a flurry of well placed kicks and punches.

Cung Le defeats Rich Franklin via TKO in round two.

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