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Martial Arts: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
7 Martial Arts Movie Actors You Should Know
Martial arts movie actors are a different breed. Here is a list of some of the more popular ones.
Top 15 MMA Fighters of All Time
Top 15 MMA Fighters of All Time - Check out our list of the top 15 MMA fighters of all time here.
The Different Types of Martial Arts - Which One...
Each type of martial arts possesses its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it's really about the type that suits what you’re looking to do and learn, rather than a global best kind.
From Heavyweight to Women's Bantamweight: UFC's...
There are plenty of MMA organizations doing business today, but the UFC is still king of the hill by a long shot. In accordance with this, the current UFC champions are oftentimes considered the champions of their entire weight class in the sport, even if this may not be entirely true.
A History and Style Guide of Kung Fu
The Chinese term kung fu describes any individual accomplishment or refined skill that is achieved after hard work. In that sense, the history of kung fu is embedded in the culture of China.
Biography and Profile of Bruce Lee
The biography and story of Bruce Lee began on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, California. He was born Lee Jun Fan, the fourth child of a Chinese father named Lee Hoi-Chuen and a mother of Chinese and German ancestry named Grace.
Biography and Profile of Jackie Chan
Any Jackie Chan biography will tell you that he’s a huge star in Hong Kong. But that’s hardly the entire story on him. Rather, Chan’s life represents a rags to riches account that’s cinema quality in and of itself.
A History and Style Guide of Karate
Karate is primarily a stand up or striking martial art that is steeped in history. It emerged on the island of Okinawa as a blend of native Okinawan fighting styles and Chinese fighting styles.
Biography and Profile of Tony Jaa
Tony Jaa Biography - Jaa is world famous Muay Thai practitioner and martial arts movie actor. Here is his story.
Top 5 Steven Seagal Movies
Steven Seagal movies are all about martial arts moves taking down the bad guys. In that way, they're quite similar to the martial arts movies we've all come to enjoy watching. The difference is that his martial arts style, aikido, is less about spinning kicks and the theatrics and more about...
Taekwondo vs. Karate Fights - Which is the...
Taekwondo vs. Karate - Wondering which is the better martial arts style? We'll tell you the point by point differences before going into some of the more influential and well-known fights between the two styles here.
A History and Style Guide of Russian Sambo
Sambo, which is sometimes referred to as Sombo, has roots in several different martial arts types, drawing from many of the older styles.
25 Jokes About Chuck Norris
If you've come across all of the Chuck Norris jokes floating around on the internet, then you'll enjoy this compilation of some of the best. Page 2.
What Are the Martial Arts Styles?
There are numerous arranged and systemized methods of combat in the world today, and these are often referred to as martial arts styles.
Biography and Profile of Dana White
Dana White Biography Introduction: Some people think it's great when they're able to grow a plant. Well, how about taking an idea with a couple of friends/business partners and re-growing it into the greatest mixed martial arts organization on the planet?
Biography and Profile of Chuck Norris
The biography of Chuck Norris starts on March 10, 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma.
A History and Style Guide of Kali
Kali is a term often used in the United States and Europe to describe the elements of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) that focus on sword and stick fighting.
A History and Style Guide of MMA
Modern mixed martial arts competition or MMA has only a short history, as the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event took place on November 12, 1993. However, martial artists of different backgrounds have been fighting for years leading up to the burgeoning modern day interest in full contact combat athletic endeavors.
Jet Li Movies
If you're into kung fu action movies with a stone cold Hollywood star leading the way, the following 11 popular Jet Li movies are probably for you.
How MMA Standout Jon Jones Does Things No Other...
Read all about Jon Jones, martial arts expert: MMA beginnings, wrestling career, fighting style, famous victories, personal life, and more here.
A History and Style Guide of Kickboxing
The term kickboxing is a somewhat generic one used to cover the combination of several different styles of striking arts that fall within the classification of sport martial arts. Its history is rooted in a blend of Japanese karate and Muay Thai boxing.
Biography and Profile of Steven Seagal
The biography of Steven Seagal starts on April 10, 1952 in Lansing, Michigan.
Top 5 Jean Claude Van Damme Movies
The bottom line is that Jean Claude Van Damme movies are about martial arts, high flying kicks, and Van Damme doing splits on the screen.
Why The History of Goju-Ryu Karate is Shrouded...
Goju-ryu is a traditional Okinawan style of karate with an extensive history. The term Goju-ryu actually means “hard-soft style,” which refers to the closed hand techniques (hard) and open hand techniques and circular movements (soft) that comprise this martial art.
A History and Style Guide of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art based in ground fighting that is widely utilized by MMA fighters worldwide. It is unlike many other ground fighting styles, particularly in the way that it teaches practitioners to fight from their backs.
A History and Style Guide of Capoeira
A History and Style Guide of Capoeira - Usually when you see people dancing, it's for pure enjoyment. But if you took a longer glance at such activities in Brazil, you might see something different. That something different is capoeira.
What Are Martial Arts?
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Biography and Profile of Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen Biography - Yen was a martial artist practically from the day he was born. Here is his story.
A History and Style Guide of Luta Livre
Find out more about Luta Livre, a martial art similar to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, including history, characteristics, famous practitioners, and more here.
Biography and Profile of Jet Li
The biography of Jet Li starts on April 26, 1963 in Beijing, China.
What is the Best Martial Arts Style for Self...
Self Defense Martial Arts Styles - Wonder what the best martial arts style for self defense is? Check out the story on a variety of styles and their applicability to real world events.
What is Wushu?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >What is Wushu?
A History and Style Guide of Ninjutsu
A History and Style Guide of Ninjutsu - Like many martial arts styles of significance, the history of ninjutsu is difficult to trace. That said, ninjutsu appears to have developed out of a need to oppose the ruling Samurai class between the 13th-16th centuries in the Iga Province and Kōka, Shiga of Japan.
Karate vs. Muay Thai - Characterists, Great...
Karate vs. Muay Thai - Wondering which martial arts style is better? Here's a general description of the differences between the two followed by some of the greatest interdisciplinary matches ever.
UFC 172: Jones vs. Teixeira Predictions
UFC 172 Jones vs. Teixeira Predictions: Wondering how Glover Teixeira will fare against Jon Jones? How about Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch? We've got the answers here.
A History and Style Guide of Krav Maga
The roots or history of the martial arts style of Krav Maga dates back to only the 1930's. In that sense, it does not have the lengthy story that some of the Asian-borne styles do.
Biography and Profile of Matt Hamill
We all have things we must overcome. But when it comes to Matt Hamill, it's sometimes hard to imagine how he's done the things he's done.
A History and Style Guide of Hapkido
What caused the martial arts style of hapkido to grow? Effectiveness. As history tells it, a Korean man by the name of Suh Bok Sub watched one man amazingly defend himself against multiple attackers.
A History and Style Guide of Muay Thai
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A History and Style Guide of Shotokan Karate
Shotokan began with Gichin Funakoshi, a man that is given great credit not only for its birth but also for helping to popularize karate in general.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's Rear Naked Choke in 6 Steps
In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) the Rear Naked Choke is a very important attack. Learn how to apply it in training via this tutorial.
A History and Style Guide of Kenpo Karate
Kenpo History and Style Guide Introduction: Most Kenpo practitioners still study forms. They also involve themselves in pre-ordained fighting movements against a partner. But the bottom line? Kenpo is about real life street self defense.
Popular Jackie Chan Movies
Jackie Chan movies are often characterized by three things: Exciting martial arts fights, stunts that are not for the faint of heart, and comedy.
Miesha Tate Biography
Miesha Tate Biography - Check out the story on Miesha Tate, an outstanding female MMA fighter.
A History and Style Guide of Jujutsu
Japanese Jujutsu, commonly mistaken as Jujitsu, is characterized by using an attacker's momentum or strength against when unarmed.
A History and Style Guide of Wing Chun
A History and Style Guide of Wing Chun Introduction: These days, it's popular to say that the far majority of fights wind up being grappling affairs. All true. That said, before one gets to the grappling stage of combat, close quarters stand up usually commences.
A History and Style Guide of Wrestling
Wrestling refers to contests where two combatants physically engage one another in an attempt to gain control, often by utilizing hand-to-hand techniques designed to throw their opponents off balance and take them down to the ground where they can achieve a dominant position. Wrestling is embedded in the history of nearly every culture.
The Deadliest Warriors in Martial Arts History
How do you make the list? Be well-known, be capable of ending fights (win sport fights by stoppage, not decision), and be a proven commodity.
A History and Style Guide of Jeet Kune Do
Jeet Kune Do History and Style Guide Introduction: Though it fits neatly under the category of a martial arts style, Jeet Kune Do really isn't one. You see, it's more of a philosophy.
Biography and Profile of Jean Claude Van Damme
Jean Claude Van Damme Biography Introduction: Before modern day MMA, there was the movie Bloodsport, and Jean Claude Van Damme was there. Before Muay Thai kickboxing came to the forefront of martial arts social consciousness in America, there was the movie Kickboxer, in which Van Damme starred once again.
A History and Style Guide of Shaolin Kung Fu
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Top 5 Traditional Martial Artists in MMA Today
Top 5 Traditional Martial Artists in MMA Today - Remember the days when people in the U.S. only trained in judo, karate, and taekwondo? Well, those styles have made a comeback in the sport of MMA. Check out our top 5 traditional martial artists here.
The History of the Samurai Warrior
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Popular Bruce Lee Movies
He was the first to capture the American public's imagination with his fluid martial arts moves on screen, and as a result a new genre in film was born.
A History and Style Guide of Hung Gar Kung Fu
Learn about the history, characteristics, training, and significance of Hung Gar, a denomination of Chinese kung fu that began in the 17th century.
A History and Style Guide of Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi is considered a soft martial arts style with roots deeply entrenched in Chinese history. Find characteristics, goals, substyles, and more here.
Top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vs. Judo Fights:...
Learn about the characteristics of these two fine arts, as well as some of the great matches and fights between the two styles.
Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale: Michael...
Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy Results- Check out what happened when these two high level fighters mixed it up at the Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale here. Page 2.
Biography and Profile of Anderson Silva
The biography of Anderson Silva begins on April 14, 1975 in Curitiba, Brazil.
A History and Style Guide of Judo
Judo is a popular martial arts style and Olympic sport with a rich history. Here is an overview of the sport's characteristics and basic goals.
A History and Style Guide of Kyokushin Karate
Kyokushin History and Style Guide Introduction: You walk into the karate tournament as a spectator and immediately notice the difference. Rather than referees acknowledging points, you actually hear the grunts from opponents that signify a strike has landed
A History and Style Guide of Baguazhang
The roots and history of the martial arts style of Baguazhang can be traced back to the 19th century in China. It is a soft and internal style of martial arts, making it comparable to Tai Chi Chuan.
A History and Style Guide of Aikido
History indicates that the martial arts style of aikido was mostly formulated during the 1920's and 30's by Morihei Ueshiba in Japan.
A History and Style Guide of Tae Kwon Do
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Biography and Profile of Georges St. Pierre
The biography of Georges St. Pierre starts on May 19, 1981 in Saint-Isidore, Quebec, Canada.
Biography and Profile of Ronda Rousey
Biography and Profile of Ronda Rousey - Learn about the early life, judo resume, and MMA achievements of Ronda Rousey here.
A History and Style Guide of Tang Soo Do
Practitioners of this Korean martial art do acrobatic kicks and practice rhythmic forms with purpose. Learn about history, characteristics, and more here.
A History and Style Guide of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu
A History and Style Guide of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu - In the book Between Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee gives Choy Li Fut the kind of praise that can make a martial art famous.
Let's Learn About The Chinese Martial Arts Styles
To discover the origins of the Chinese martial arts styles, one has to go deep into the past. Find a list of 5 well-known styles and more here.
A History and Style Guide of Eagle Claw Kung Fu
A History and Style Guide of Eagle Claw Kung Fu - The history of Eagle Claw Kung Fu is clouded in mystery for the same reasons that all of the Chinese martial arts types are. You've come to the right place to find out more about this ancient art.
An Overview of Basic Martial Arts Techniques
The variety of martial arts techniques available to practitioners is numerous. Thus, an overview of martial arts techniques in category form seems an appropriate beginning step for readers looking to understand a little bit more about the moves that make martial arts special.
Biography and Profile of B.J. Penn
Any B.J. Penn biography would be remiss if it didn't mention that he was one of the greatest submission fighters ever.
A History and Style Guide of Sumo Wrestling
A History and Style Guide of Sumo Wrestling - When you think of Sumo wrestling, one thing inevitably comes to mind. Sheer size.
What You Need To Know About The Brazilian...
The names Helio Gracie, Euclydes Hatem, Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, and Manuel dos Reis Machado all conjure up two words- Brazil and greatness. In other words, the Brazilian martial arts styles take a backseat to no country.
A History and Style Guide of Monkey Style Kung Fu
A History and Style Guide of Monkey Kung Fu - The Monkey style of kung fu is about as different a martial arts system as you'll find in this world.
Top 10 Anderson Silva Victories
Top 10 Anderson Silva Victories - Dana White has called Anderson Silva the greatest MMA fighter ever. So it would seem appropriate to detail his top 10 MMA wins ever.
Biography and Profile of Frank Edgar
The biography of Frank Edgar begins on October 16, 1981 in Toms River, New Jersey.
The New Wave in MMA is Mental Toughness Training
Don't even think for a second that improving mental toughness in MMA is for the weak. After all, Georges St. Pierre and Rich Franklin have both utilized sports psychology via Brian Cain for just these purposes.
Popular Tony Jaa Films
Tony Jaa Films - Here is a list of popular Tony Jaa films for your perusal.
Get the Most out of Stretching
Forthcoming are five things martial artists should consider when trying to get the most out of stretching.
Let's Learn About The Korean Martial Arts Styles
In the end, the Korean martial arts are known for their acrobatic kicks, similarities to some of the Japanese styles, and sheer popularity. So read on for more on the styles that make them what they are.
A History and Style Guide of Catch Wrestling
The history of catch wrestling differs significantly from other martial arts styles. After all, how many types of martial arts can you say grew up in carnivals across America?
Top 10 MMA Kicks of All Time
A list with descriptions of some of the deadliest kicks in modern MMA history. This list includes only traditional kicks, i.e. no knee kicks.
Biography and Profile of Chuck Liddell
The biography of Chuck Liddell starts on December 17, 1969 in Santa Barbara, California.
UFC on FOX 2 Results
Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping Results - Check out what happened when two of the more outspoken UFC fighters threw down at the UFC on FOX 2. Page 3.
Top 10 Toughest Fighters in MMA Today
Top 10 Toughest Fighters in MMA Today - Wondering where your favorite falls on the list? Come check it out.
Biography and Profile of Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner Biography Introduction: Every now and then, a martial artist becomes famous. Some examples are Fedor Emelianenko and Joe Lewis. Of course, the most famous of all martial artists tend to be the ones that breakthrough in Hollywood; people that have crossover appeal.
A History and Style Guide of Iaido
Thinking about the practice of the Japanese martial arts style of iaido in this day and age might leave one imagining a scenario from the movie Highlander. In other words, iaido history and practice could certainly point a 21st century person's mind in the direction of a warrior unsheathing a sword in a public garage and beheading someone.
Great Kung Fu Movies List
Find a list of 9 of the most famous kung fu movies here, complete with descriptions and extra links for more information.
Biography and Profile of Rashad Evans
Any biography of MMA fighter Rashad Evans would be remiss if it didn't mention that he won The Ultimate Fighter 2 reality television show after consecutively defeating Tom Murphy, Mike Whitehead, Keith Jardine, and Brad Imes (6-foot-7).
What You Need To Know About The Japanese...
The Samurai. Jigoro Kano. Even Steven Seagal. What do these groups and people have in common? They've been involved in Japanese martial arts, that's what. And when you think about it, the world of fighting and self defense owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Japanese martial arts styles of karate, judo, aikido, and more.
Biography and Profile of Glover Teixeira
Glover Teixeira Biography - The story of Glover Teixeira started in Sobrália, Minas Gerais, Brazil on October 28, 1979.
Popular Chuck Norris Movies
Chuck Norris movies are all about beating up the bad guys with weapons and martial arts. Though comedy isn't quite as evident in his work as say Jackie Chan's, you can bet your bottom dollar that you won't leave a Norris movie wanting for action. Forthcoming are a list of some of Norris's more popular movies for your reading pleasure.
UFC on FOX 11: Werdum vs. Browne Results
Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne Results- Check out what happened when these two heavyweight contenders went at it here.
Biography and Profile of Brock Lesnar
The biography of Brock Lesnar starts on July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota.
A History and Style Guide Chang Quan or Long...
A History and Style Guide Chang Quan or Long Fist Kung Fu - Want to know something Donnie Yen and Jet Li have in common? Look no further than their Long Fist Kung Fu background. Come on by to find out more on this ancient art.
Biography and Profile of Shane Carwin
Shane Carwin Biography Introduction: Gabriel Gonzaga is a very dangerous MMA fighter. So when Shane Carwin took him on at UFC 96, the world was watching to see if the huge heavyweight really had the right stuff.
Top 10 Jon Jones Victories
Top 10 Jon Jones Victories - No young fighter ever took the MMA world by storm like Jones. Check out some of his greatest fights and wins here.
Biography and Profile of Frank Mir
The Biography of Frank Mir starts on May 24, 1979, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born Francisco Santos “Frank” Mir III.
Biography and Profile of Cain Velasquez
Biography and Profile of Cain Velasquez Introduction: Are there a lot of Mexican American heavyweight fighters in MMA? No, but Cain Velasquez is one. Are there a lot of heavyweight fighters capable of throwing around their weight full tilt for an entire fight? No, but Cain Velasquez can.
Biography and Profile of Nick Diaz
The biography of Nick Diaz starts on August 2, 1983 in Stockton, California.
Biography and Profile of Gina Carano
Gina Carano has a background in Muay Thai kickboxing, having trained under the legendary Master Toddy. She holds a professional record of 12-1-1 in Muay Thai, a striking style that emphasizes the use of the clinch, elbows, punches, kicks, and knees.
A History and Style Guide of Shootfighting
There was really only one true competitor to Royce Gracie and his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style of fighting during that initial UFC tournament way back in 1993, and that person was a shoot fighter or shoot wrestler by the name of Ken Shamrock. Shamrock would eventually become the first Pancrase organization champion, immediately making him a part of shootfighting history.
Striking in Martial Arts
The term striking in martial arts generally refers to stand up fighting, or everything that’s not grappling.
Biography and Profile of Fedor Emelianenko
The biography of Fedor Emelianenko starts on September 28, 1976 in Luhansk, Ukraine.
Martial Arts Takedowns
Takedowns refer to the act of engaging with and purposefully taking an opponent to the ground in martial arts and combat sports.
Core Strength Exercises
Core strength exercises, or those that target the stomach, back, and pelvis, are particularly important to success in all athletic activities, including martial arts.
How Anthony Pettis Made One of the Best MMA...
Anthony Pettis Biography - Check out the profile and story on MMA fighter Anthony Pettis here.
Biography and Profile of Quinton "Rampage"...
The biography of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson starts on June 20, 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee
Submissions in Martial Arts
A submission is a combat sports term that has become commonly used throughout the martial arts world. When a practitioner applies a submission hold, it generally means that they have sunk in a joint lock or choke hold designed to cause an opponent give up or face injury.
Biography and Profile of Cris "Cyborg" Justino
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Liz Carmouche Biography
Liz Carmouche Biography - Check out the story on the UFC's first ever openly gay (lesbian) fighter here.
Become a Martial Arts Instructor
From a simplified standpoint, becoming a martial arts instructor is a four-step process.
Fighting Stance Tutorial
Beyond making a fist, the fighting stance is probably the most basic and arguably important of all martial arts training stances.
Horse Stance Tutorial
The Horse Stance is a common stance used during exercises and forms in traditional martial arts like kung fu and karate for combat and leg strengthening.
Biography and Profile of Thiago Alves
The biography of Thiago Silva starts on October 3, 1983 in Fortaleza, Brazil.
History and Style Guide of Shuai Jiao
Jiao li would serve as the basis of many martial arts styles throughout history, including shuai jiao, as it was really the first formal martial arts type invented in China, making it one of the oldest in the world.
All About the Martial Arts Black Belt
What do you think of when you hear the words martial arts black belt? Some no doubt begin to imagine flying ninjas and Jackie Chan movies. Others may have a more realistic vision, usually one of martial arts superiority. But does attaining a black belt in fact signify a martial arts expert?
UFC 158 Results
Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks Results - Check out what happened in this UFC 158 match up here. Page 3.
Stephan Kesting Bio
Stephan Kesting has had over 20 articles published in acclaimed magazines like Black Belt, Ultimate Grappling, Tapout, and Ultimate Athlete.
Johny Hendricks Biography
Johny Hendricks Biography - Check out the story on MMA fighter Johny Hendricks here.
Biography and Profile of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Biography Introduction: Some MMA fighters are willing to go to places that others are simply not in order to win, and one of these people is Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.
Biography and Profile of Wanderlei Silva
The biography of Wanderlei Silva starts on July 3, 1976 in Curitiba, Brazil.
Muay Thai Clinch Tutorial
The Muay Thai clinch can be used to both devastate and control an opponent while engaging in stand up fighting on the inside.
Biography and Profile of Chris Weidman
Biography and Profile of Chris Weidman - Weidman is a special MMA fighter. Here is his story.
Biography and Profile of Lyoto Machida
The biography of Lyoto Machida is one of a true martial artist.
Biography and Profile of Mas Oyama
Biography and Profile of Mas Oyama - Oyama was one of the most influential martial arts practitioners of all time. Here is his story.
Wisconsin Martial Arts Schools Directory and...
Wisconsin Martial Arts Schools Directory and Finder - Find a Wisconsin martial arts school here.
Hector Lombard Biography
Hector Lombard Biography - Check out the story on this former Bellator Champion here.
Biography and Profile of Fabricio Werdum
Fabricio Werdum Biography Introduction: Remember when you were younger and wanted to show off in front of that girlfriend of yours? Well, guess is that a much younger Fabricio Werdum once wanted the same.
Biography and Profile of David Carradine
Why would you be interested in a David Carradine biography? First, you probably saw him play Kwai Chang Caine on the 1970's television series, Kung Fu. Second, you're probably intrigued by the unusual circumstances surrounding his death. Third, isn't his persona on stage about as tied to the martial arts as they come?
Biography and Profile of Helio Gracie
Biography and Profile of Helio Gracie - Want to know more about the man who essentially invented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Look no further. Here is Helio Gracie's story.
Gina Carano Picture Gallery
Gina Carano pictures are in high demand these days. Everyone is wondering what this beautiful superstar of MMA looks like and what she can do in the cage. Page 2.
Biography and Profile of Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz Biography Introduction: People are complicated, and MMA fighter Tito Ortiz is no different. During the height of his MMA popularity between 2000-03, he regularly wore tee shirts after defeating opponents that disrespected them.
Biography and Profile of Michael Bisping
Any Michael Bisping biography must start in his childhood. Of course, his prowess as a TUF 2 participant isn't exactly going to take a backseat.
Biography and Profile of Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez Biography Introduction: The bottom line is that anytime you see Diego Sanchez in the Octagon before a fight staring down his opponent, you know one thing. This is a guy that believes he's going to win with every shred of his being.
Spinning Back Kick Tutorial - Learn The...
Spinning Back Kick Tutorial - The spinning back kick is a very powerful and effective martial arts technique. Learn how to do execute the move in this picture tutorial.
Biography and Profile of Mirko "Cro Cop"...
Date of Birth: Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic was born on September 10, 1874 in Vinkovci, Croatia. Personal
Armbar From the Guard Tutorial
In order to achieve an armbar from the closed guard position as outlined in this tutorial, you must first, of course, achieve the closed guard position. Page 7.
Royce Gracie Biography
Royce Gracie Biography - By winning three of the first four UFC tournaments in the 1990's, Royce Gracie cemented his own name and the art his family invented in the annals of history. Here is his story.
A History and Style Guide of Budokan Karate
A History and Style Guide of Budokan Karate - Check out the story on Chew Choo Soot and Budokan karate here.
Biography and Profile of Junior dos Santos
Junior dos Santos Biography - Dos Santos throws uppercuts, a nearly forgotten hand strike in MMA circles, like a professional boxer. His hands are amazingly fast, and he hits like a truck. Here is his story.
Florida Martial Arts Schools Directory and Finder
Florida Martial Arts Schools Directory and Finder - Find a Florida martial arts school that is right for you.
Top MMA Fights of the Decade
When it comes to this top 10 MMA fights of the decade list, the criteria are easy. First, there's the status or stakes.
Biography and Profile of Carlos Condit
Biography and Profile of Carlos Condit - When they call you the Natural Born Killer, that says something about your fighting ability, no? Here is Carlos Condit's story.
Top 5 Most Exciting MMA Fighters Today
Top 5 Most Exciting MMA Fighters Today – Check out our list of the most exciting MMA fighters in the game today.
Biography and Profile of Charles "Mask" Lewis
This biography of Charles “Mask” Lewis unfortunately ends too early. On March 11, 2009, the man MMA fans and fighters referred to as Mask died in a terrible car crash. He was only 45 years of age at the time of his death.
Biography and Profile of Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen Biography - Some MMA fighters are good at hyping an upcoming bout. Chael Sonnen is great at it. We're talking about another level here, folks; a quality quote waiting to happen.
Biography and Profile of Forrest Griffin
The biography of Forrest Griffin starts on July 1, 1979 in Columbus, Ohio.
Biography and Profile of Jose Aldo
Jose Aldo Biography - Most MMA fighters, even champions, aren't all that different. But every now and then you find a fighter that's so talented he is that different. Jose Aldo is one of those fighters.

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