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Youth Martial Arts

This is the place for parents to find information on youth martial arts. Learn about safety, styles as they relate to children, choosing a school, and more.

Find a Safe Martial Arts School For Your Child
Most martial arts training is quite safe for children. In fact, the majority of good schools list safety as the first priority of their youth classes.

How to Get Your Child Started in Martial Arts
Getting your child started in martial arts is the gift that keeps on giving. Attending classes at a martial arts school can help children improve their fitness levels, increase self- confidence, remedy discipline problems, improve social relations, and teach them to defend themselves.

American Youth Sports Martial Arts Association
American Youth Sport Martial Arts (AYSMA) is an organization that hopes to unify Sport Martial Arts across America.

Martial Arts Summer Camps
Here is a list of some martial arts summer camps for your perusal.

Kick USA
Check out Kick USA, an organization devoted to youth in martial arts.

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