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Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale: Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy Results


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Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy Results

What you have to love about Michael Bisping is that he manages to get everyone pumped- either against him, or, well, usually against him- prior to every fight.  Such was the case when back in November he said the following to Steph Daniels of Bloody Elbow regarding a possible match up with American hero Tim Kennedy.

“I want to punch him in the face so bad that I'm going to do it in the Octagon professionally, and if you look at the trend of these people calling me out, it never really ends well for them. Tim Kennedy, if you've got a set of balls, call Dana White and ask for the fight, and I'll see you in the Octagon. Then you can shut the f*ck up, once and for all. How about that Bloody Elbow? Put that one in your pipe and smoke it! [Laughs heartily]”

That would seem to say just about everything one would feel the need to regarding this Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale fight prior to it taking place.  Here’s what happened when these two fighters with bad blood between them did in fact throw down.

Early on, Kennedy shot in for a takedown.  He worked hard to get it and keep it.  Bisping got up after a significant amount of time, but was put back down for his efforts.  And with a minute to go, Kennedy mounted his opponent.  Bisping fought out to half guard and generally was able to avoid a lot of ground and pound.  Regardless, Kennedy took round one.

Early on, Bisping landed multiple jabs on his adversary.  Kennedy hit with two hard right hands in the early middle portion of the stanza.  Nice flurry by Bisping, including a strong left hand.  Then Kennedy shot in looking for the takedown, which Bisping was able to shirk.  Bisping grazed with a flying knee to the body.  Solid right hand by Bisping, countering his aggressive opponent.  And from there, The Count really was able to stick and move his way to winning the round.

Bisping is starting to assert himself.

Early in round three, Kennedy landed a hard right hand and followed it up with an immediate takedown.  The bottom line is it turned into a grappling match, one where Kennedy was eventually able to mount his opponent.  Though he lost that position, he still managed to land ground and pound in spots and control the round.

Kennedy is up by a stanza in this one.

Round four was close.  Bisping connected more and seemed to control the striking action for the most part.  That said, Kennedy hit home with two very hard right hands, which hurt his adversary.

I'd give that one to Bisping.

After a minute had gone by in round five, Kennedy achieved a takedown.  Bisping got right back up, but was put right back down for his efforts.  Then he mounted the British fighter.  However, Bisping escaped, only to end up with Kennedy right back on top of him.  However, the referee stood the two up after a lack of action for a time (I hate when they do that).  Bisping connected with more strikes for the rest of the round, but nothing truly of note.

Those final two rounds were close.  It will be interesting to see who wins. I probably would give that last one to Kennedy, so the fight would go to him.

Tim Kennedy defeats Michael Bisping by unanimous decision in a close fight.

Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy Results

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