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UFC on FX 7 Bisping vs. Belfort Results


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Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort Results
UFC on FX 7 Bisping vs. Belfort Results

Michael Bisping poses with Edith and Arianny in the background.

Courtesy of Sherdog.com
Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort Results - The word on the streets regarding Vitor Belfort has always been that if you can drag him into difficult waters and survive those early rounds, you have a shot to defeat him. Well, coming into his fight with Michael Bisping at the UFC on FX 7, it appeared that his opponent agreed with the aforementioned assessment.

"Far be it from me to look past Vitor," Bisping told MMAFighting.com. "I'm trying to make this fight more significant. I'm concerned that I've got my hands full. It's not going to be easy. We're fighting in Brazil. He hits hard. But I think I'll weather the storm and he'll become a punching bag."

"It's well documented, rightly or wrongly, that Vitor gasses quickly," said Bisping. "He does slow down after the first round. Obviously, early for me is going to be the most dangerous. The longer the fight goes, he'll start turning into a walking punching bag. At least that's the plan. It's easier said than done. He's going to come out hard and fast, and he will be dangerous. He's a big middleweight. He's been a heavyweight (tournament) champion, and was a light heavyweight champion back in the day. But these are the kind of fights I'm going to take if I want to back up my talking."

Wondering if Bisping was able to back up all of the pre-fight chatter? Then keep reading to find out.

Early on, both fighters were very, very tentative. Bisping connected with a low kick after about a minute had gone by. He then landed a jab, followed by a solid right hand after a significant amount of time had elapsed. Belfort then landed two grazing left hands. The two traded punches, with Belfort’s uppercut the harder of the two. A solid low kick from Bisping followed. And for the majority of the rest of the stanza, Bisping used his jab to take a small lead. That is, until Belfort landed a left high kick that stunned his opponent. From there, lots of punches came before his English counterpart gained separation. Then the bell sounded.

Belfort takes round one due to that rally at the end of the stanza.

The story on round two was pretty simple. Belfort hit home with a left high kick that dropped Bisping. Punches in bunches on the canvas followed until the referee had no choice but to step in.

Great job by Belfort!

Vitor Belfort defeats Michael Bisping by TKO at 1:27 of round two.

Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort Results

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