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UFC 165 Results - Jones vs. Gustafsson


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Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Results
Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Results - Coming into his match up against Alexander Gustafsson, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones took time to reflect on Anderson Silva's loss to Chris Weidman, noting that it had a positive effect on him.

“Everyone is human," he told Inside Fights. "Everyone can lose. It gives me a spark and motivation, but most of all, I wasn’t shocked when that happened.”

That said, Jones noted that Silva's loss could be attributed to a lack of respect, more than skill.

“He disrespected his gift by disrespecting his opponent,” said the 25-year-old Jones. “Martial arts is a sport built around honour, integrity and treating people with respect. He somehow lost sight of that and he paid the ultimate price for it. I am not over the Anderson Silva hype train.”

According to the champion, the loss actually inspired him to win.

“It actually motivates me a lot too, to see somebody who I look up to lose. It’s just like a reality check. I try to keep my ego in check when it comes to the fight game,” said Jones. “Watching Anderson lose like that, first of all, it’s something that I would never do. Put my hands down and fight my opponent that way like that but watching Chris Weidman’s dream come true, I have to make sure I am a dream crusher. That is what I am going to do.”

Wondering if all of the thinking about Silva helped or hurt Jones? Keep reading to find out how his UFC 165 encounter went down.

Round one saw Alexander Gustafsson nab a takedown and land several solid punches on his opponent. He was aggressive and utilized great footwork. Jones connected with multiple low kicks and side kicks to the knees. But I'd have to give that first stanza to the Swedish fighter, based on the more damaging blows, including opening up a cut over the champ's eye.

Round two was close- very close. Jones once again had all of his takedowns shirked. Further, he hit home with more kicks; Gustafsson connected with better punches. Too close to call- but if I had to call it, I'd give it to the champ.

Round three saw Gustafsson literally beat the champ up with his superior footwork and punching. There were a few times in there when it began to look as if the champ was being simply outclassed.

Round four was a huge one for Jones. Up until the champ hit home with a spinning back elbow, the round was looking a lot like round three. But that elbow hurt the challenger, and Jones followed things up with multiple strikes, including more elbows, that stole him the stanza.

The fifth round saw Jones achieve a short lived takedown. More importantly, he connected with the better strikes, clearly taking the final stanza in one of the better light heavyweight championship bouts ever. Gustafsson is the real deal, folks.

Question is- is he the new champion?

Jon Jones defeats Alexander Gustafsson by unanimous decision. What a great fight.

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson UFC 165 Results

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