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UFC 158 Results


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Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks Results
Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks Results - The bottom line is that Johny Hendricks had a bone to pick with current champion Georges St. Pierre coming into his match up with Carlos Condit. Why? Simply because he believed that he had deserved the title shot which Nick Diaz was getting at UFC 158. That said, a win over Condit would certainly cement his status as the division's number one contender. On the flip side, Condit needed a win to get back on track toward getting a rematch with the Canadian champion. Wondering who won out?

Get ready, get set, go!

Hendricks started round one with reckless abandon, landing two huge lefts that dizzied his adversary moments apart. After the second one, the former national champion wrestler even slammed Condit to the ground. That time he let him up. But after some time elapsed, Hendricks once again took him down, this time keeping a dominant position for a period of time before Condit got up. The former WEC champion then got back up, was put back down, and then got up again. While on his feet, Condit landed a couple of kicks. Hendricks went at him hard, connecting with a huge left hand. Then the former wrestler went looking for the takedown, which led to a Condit reversal with a kimura. Condit took his opponent's back. Hendricks stood up, and the Jackson's MMA fighter lost his position. The end of the round saw a pretty cool scramble of punches.

Hendricks is one powerful guy. He clearly won round one.

The second round was a great one that was really close on the feet. Condit landed some solid straight punches and nice knees/flying knees. Hendricks also connected with a couple of hard left hands. But Hendricks achieved several takedowns- I lost count- and we all know how important those are to the judges. Did he do a lot on the ground with those takedowns? Not really. But they're point getters.

The bottom line is that round three saw Condit pretty much dominate the stand up, landing a very, very hard right hand and several high quality strikes. Hendricks kept throwing hard lefts, sometimes connecting, and gaining takedowns. That said, he did almost nothing on the canvas with these, while Condit kept getting up and doing damage to the bell.

Wow! I think that Hendricks won round one. Round two was close, probably went to Hendricks based on prior judges' decisions. Round three, in my opinion, went to Condit. Who wins? Here's what I know- neither fighter deserved to lose this fight. It was unbelievable.

Johny Hendricks defeats Carlos Condit by unanimous decision. Great fight!

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