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UFC 157 Results


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Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida Results
Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida Results - Dan Henderson has done some pretty amazing things during his MMA career. That said, defeating Lyoto Machida would be as big an accomplishment as any of them. Machida, a Shotokan karate expert, was known as the antidote to wrestling coming into his fight with Hendo, using footwork to stay out of his opponent's range quite well. Then again, this was Henderson he was fighting, not just any man with a wrestling background. Wondering how it all went down?

Then keep reading to find out.

The first round saw Henderson land a couple of soft low kicks and two nice right hands. Generally, though, he had difficulty with Machida’s movement. What’s more, the Brazilian Shotokan practitioner landed some decent kicks, a good right hand, and a late stage takedown with solid ground and pound (a punch and an elbow).

That takedown won Machida the stanza.

The second round was pretty uneventful. It was close. That said, I do believe that Machida landed the harder shots, though Henderson was the aggressor. I just think that the Shotokan practitioner is in charge here, though.

The third round made things interesting, as Machida fell off balance after a strike, which left Henderson on top. From there, Hendo connected with elbows to the ribs on his opponent, but Machida was able to turn things over and get to his feet. Further, when the fight was on their feet, Machida connected more often and with harder shots, including some solid kicks.

Tough fight to call.

Lyoto Machida defeats Dan Henderson by split decision.

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