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UFC 156 Results


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Jose Aldo vs. Frank Edgar Results
UFC 156 Results
Courtesy of Sherdog.com.
Jose Aldo vs. Frank Edgar Results - Coming into their fight at UFC 156, Frank Edgar knew the challenge in front of him in taking on Jose Aldo.

“He’s definitely a tall task in an opponent, but I just think fighting guys at the caliber fights I’ve had throughout the years only got me better and I think Jose will do that, as well,” said Edgar, during a recent interview with MMA Fight Corner.

That said, many believed that Edgar had actually defeated Ben Henderson in their two battles, both of which had gone Henderson's way. Thus, him coming down in weight to face a smaller opponent had some thinking he could pull off the upset where so many others had failed. Regardless, they have the fights for a reason.

So without further ado, here's how this one went down.

Early on, Edgar landed a low kick. Good movement by the former lightweight champion. Aldo connected with a body kick. Good jab by Aldo. Solid low kick by the former lightweight champ. Grazing jab connected from Aldo. Another low kick from Edgar. A solid exchange of right hands by the two fighters. Aldo landed a couple of jabs over time. Then came another one, a hard one. Good straight right hand by Aldo, then a second to the body. And the rest of the round basically saw Aldo control things with a few very hard low kicks and jabs.

Aldo takes round one.

The second round saw Aldo land some hard- I mean hard- low kicks on his adversary, buckling his right knee on multiple occasions. That said, Edgar kept coming, catching a kick and landing a hard right hand which sent his opponent to the canvas for a brief moment. Aldo won the round, but toward the tail end you had to wonder if he was beginning to slow.

Right off the bat in round three, Edgar caught a kick and briefly took his adversary down. When they came back to their feet, the former lightweight champ landed a low kick. Edgar connected with a mild jab. Nice front kick to the body by Edgar. An exchange went Edgar’s way by a little. Then came a big time front kick to the face by Aldo. That said, Edgar connected with another combination. He ate a punch to the face from the champ. And for the rest of the stanza, with Aldo clearly slowing down, Edgar simply connected a good deal more than his adversary. He’s starting to come on.

That front kick by Aldo made it close, but I would've probably given it to Edgar. This is a good fight.

By the way, Aldo’s corner said that he’s winning 3-0. I wouldn't be so sure.

Simply put, round four saw Edgar use angles, boxing, and even kicks to win the stanza. With Aldo significantly slowed, Edgar even took him down hard and kneed him along the wall in the clinch before the bell.

I say this one is all tied going into the final stanza.

Aldo’s corner just told him it’s 4-0. There is no way that’s the case. Edgar won that most recent round for sure, and I have it even.

Aldo came out much more active than he’d been. Along with this, he landed a hard punch on the challenger. Edgar connected with a solid spinning back kick. But then Edgar started to take over more with punch-kick combinations. In the clinch, Edgar connected with a nice knee, then followed thigns up with a solid combination. Then came a big time right by Aldo. Aldo hits harder; but Edgar is connecting more. Along with this, he hit home with another nice combination. Aldo connected with a solid Superman Punch at the tail end of the stanza.

Jeesh- to be honest, I think that Edgar won that fight on points. Tough one to call, and close enough to go either way.

Jose Aldo defeats Frank Edgar by unanimous decision. It was a close one. And in close fights that go to the cards, Edgar tends to lose out (see the Ben Henderson fights).

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