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UFC 154 Results


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Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit Results
Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit Results - Back at UFC 143, Georges St. Pierre was supposed to battle Nick Diaz in a super fight. Unfortunately for him, the fight never materialized as St. Pierre tore his ACL while training, leading to Carlos Condit fighting and defeating Diaz for the interim welterweight title. Of course, that led to a potential fight with even more on the line, one that came to fruition at UFC 154.

Coming into the bout, many wondered aloud if St. Pierre was truly the same fighter after the injury as he was before; ACL issues are never easy to come back from. Further, Condit's stick and move striking skills posed a possible problem for the champ, who, if he won, was looking like he might finally throw down with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva in the super fight of all super fights.

So without further ado, get ready, get set, go!

Early on, St. Pierre landed a jab and took the center of the ring. The two traded strikes with St. Pierre getting the better of things. And after a jab by the Canadian, St. Pierre gained a single leg takedown. After a couple of hard strikes, the champ moved to Condit’s half guard. And for the majority of the rest of the round, though positions changed, St. Pierre maintained the top position. Condit struck from his back, but the Canadian’s punches and elbows were obviously stronger. In fact, one of the elbows opened a cut over Condit’s right eye.

For a period of time in the second round, both fighters landed solid shots in spots, though St. Pierre’s use of the jab perhaps gave him the advantage. Regardless, the Canadian countered a kick with a successfully timed takedown. And from there, he continued pound away in spots on his adversary, opening that cut up even more. Condit got to his feet just before the bell, and the two engaged in some nice back and forth punches. Along the way, Condit opened a cut under St. Pierre’s eye.

But then came round three. Condit landed a huge left roundhouse kick to the head, dropping St. Pierre. He then followed the Canadian to the ground and landed some huge shots on him, creating a lot of swelling. But St. Pierre eventually got up.


Then, perhaps shockingly, St. Pierre hit home with a big left hand, followed by a hard combination. And he followed that up with a takedown. For the rest of the stanza, St. Pierre controlled things with some ground and pound.

Condit takes round three based on damage. St. Pierre is up 2-1 right now.

Early in round four, Condit connected mildly with another left round kick to the face. But soon after, the Canadian took Condit down, this time moving quickly to side control. However, Condit quickly gained the half guard position. And from there, positions changed, although St. Pierre continued to dominate from a positional standpoint, landing ground and pound along the way.

Condit needs a stoppage in order to win.

Round five saw Condit land a nice spinning back kick early. And overall, Condit did a good job of striking for the majority of the round, even shirking a takedown attempt. But after a few well placed St. Pierre punches, the champ was able to once again take Condit down. And from there, it was simply a ground and pound onslaught from the Canadian until the bell.

St. Pierre will once again win. But this was a good fight. Condit did a worthy job.

Georges St. Pierre defeats Carlos Condit by unanimous decision. St. Pierre showed some real toughness during the third round here.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit Results

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