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UFC 151 Results


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Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Results
UFC 151 Results

Jon Jones elbows Matt Hamill.

Courtesy of Sherdog.com
Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Results - Coming into their UFC 151 match up, there was once again some trash talking, albeit it was mild in comparison to the talk that had occurred before Jones' most recent bouts against Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans. Given this, it appeared that Jones wanted to keep things cleaner coming into their fight.

"As far as Dan Henderson, I'm excited about [him], he's a great fighter," Jones toldESPN. "You know, I've gone through a lot with Rashad as far as all of the trash talking and I really hope Dan's listening and I really hope that Dan keeps it classy throughout this fight. I respect him as an older man, I respect him as a warrior and I just hope he keeps it classy and not drag me through another trash-talking bout. Let's stick to why we're really here, let's just fight."

But then Henderson had the following to say on his youthful counterpart. "He's young and sloppy a little bit," Henderson told ESPN. Which, of course, appeared to compel some responses from Jones via Twitter, such as:

"No clue why Dan Henderson decided to be so disrespectful to me leading up to this fight, but it is what it is. I could use the motivation."

"The dudes done so much for the sport, I'm not even trying to come at him like that. I did enough trash talking with Page&Evans."

"FYI Henderson's mouth isn't bothering me at all, I just figured with all his experience he'd be over stuff like that."

So now that we're past some of the pre-fight stuff, here's what actually occurred when they fought at UFC 151.

Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Results

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