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UFC 148 Results


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Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin 3 Results
Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin 3 Results - The first time these two fought, Ortiz nearly destroyed Griffin with ground and pound during round one. Unfortunately for The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, the assault didn't end Griffin's night, leaving the door open for a near comeback. Keyword? How about near? The second fight was another close one, this time going Griffin's way by a millimeter. In the end, the rubber match was set to help Ortiz sail off into the sunset (yep, retirement). But would it be a poor send off?

Here's how their UFC 148 bout went down.

Early in round one, Ortiz landed a solid left-right combination. Griffin connected with a low kick. Griffin is throwing a lot of high kicks, but Ortiz is blocking them. Nice combination from Griffin. Then Ortiz took Griffin down, where he really started in with that patented ground and pound of his. In fact, he really was looking like that suffocating force we once knew before Griffin got up. That said, for the rest of the round until a last second takedown by Ortiz, Griffin used his superior angles, diverse striking, and speed to win the striking battle. The pace was very strong by Griffin.

Griffin takes round one.

Early in round two, Ortiz dropped Griffin with a hard right hand. Griffin got right back up but got beat up some on his feet for a few moments. Then Griffin clinched with “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” and began the dirty boxing. And for the majority of the rest of the stanza, Griffin did what he did on his feet in round one, even if Ortiz did land several hard punches throughout in some really excellent striking exchanges. At the tail end of the round, Ortiz went for a takedown that missed, leaving Griffin hitting him on the canvas with hammerfists.

This is a good fight. I think Griffin is winning.

Round three saw Griffin start off well on his feet again, nailing Ortiz from a bunch of different angles. But then Ortiz connected with a hard left hand that dropped him. Griffin got right back up, but then Ortiz took him down, where he executed some ground and pound in spots until Griffin got back up at around the 2:00 mark. And for the rest of the round, the two worked hard on their feet, hitting one another with some solid shots. Griffin got the best of the rest of the stanza, but Ortiz won that round, in my opinion.

Griffin probably wins rounds one and two, though both were close in their own ways. And the judges say….

Forrest Griffin defeats Tito Ortiz by unanimous decision. I’ll tell you, Ortiz fought hard and should be proud of his final fight. That was a good one. Interestingly, Griffin left the Octagon before the decision was read, though he came back. Weird stuff.

Congrats to Ortiz on his retirement and induction into the UFC Hall of Fame. He was a great fighter.

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