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UFC on FOX 10 Results


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Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Stipe Miocic Results

Coming into his fight against Stipe Miocic, Gabriel Gonzaga had won four of his last five UFC fights.  And to top it off, all four of those wins had come by way of stoppage over the likes of Shawn Jordan (KO), Dave Herman (KO), Ben Rothwell (guillotine choke), and Ednaldo Oliveira (rear naked choke).  Miocic had also taken home four of his last (and only) UFC fights, with two stoppages over Shane del Rosario (TKO), and Phil De Fries (KO).  Wondering who won in this battle of heavyweights with a great upside? Then travel back here on fight night for our UFC on FOX 10 results.

Anyone’s guess.  Keep reading to find out.

Early on, Gonzaga landed a hard low kick.  Miocic returned fire in the same fashion moments later.  Nice right hand by Gonzaga.  Then the two traded hard low kicks.  Solid jabs by the Brazilian.  Overhand right by Gonzaga.  Then came another one of those low kicks by the man who once KO'd Cro Cop.  Gonzaga is connecting with that overhand right a lot.  He's also doing a good job of covering up. 

Another low kick by Gonzaga.  Then he connected with a solid right hand while Miocic was off balance, sending Miocic staggering to the canvas for a brief moment. Up through the one minute mark, Gonzaga continued to land that right hand often and out-strike his adversary.  But with about 45 seconds left in the stanza, he pulled off a short lived takedown.  Some more Gonzaga low kicks and such continued until the bell.

Gonzaga takes round one.

Early in round two, Miocic landed his jab a couple of times and then a low kick.  Gonzaga went for a takedown unsuccessfully.  Nice left hook by Gonzaga.  Low kick, then a right by Gonzaga.  Miocic landed his jab, then a right.  Soon after, he connected with a left.  Lots of jabs from Miocic, the former Golden Gloves boxer.  Nice low kick from Gonzaga.  And for the rest of the round, those jabs and occasional right hands from Miocic began to take over on an opponent who seemed, to be honest, kind of tired.

This one is all tied up going into the final round.

Early in round three, Gonzaga landed a hard right hand, then a low kick.  Then the jabs and overall boxing from Miocic began to take over again.  He stuffed a Gonzaga takedown attempt, then the boxing lesson continued, until about halfway through the stanza when Miocic managed a takedown.  With Gonzaga on his bicycle, Miocic picked his spots for a while, then really put the ground and pound on his adversary.  Bottom line? 

Miocic clearly took home the decision.

Stipe Miocic defeats Gabriel Gonzaga by unanimous decision.

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