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UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt vs. Bigfoot Results


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Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva Results

Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Results – Prior to their UFC Fight Night 33 bout, both Hunt and Silva initially turned down the opportunity to fight one another.  An interview held with Bigfoot by MMAFighting.com tells you why.

“When I got the offer to fight Hunt, I knew that he initially declined the bout, he asked to fight someone else, and so did I. Not that we are big friends, but we trained together and helped each other this year.”

“We sparred three or four times. I obviously will take something from that training for my next camp, but everything changes. We will set the perfect strategy. We can’t underestimate him, he’s a dangerous fighter, but I always did great fights against strikers, like Andrei Arlovski, Alistair Overeem, Fedor Emelianenko and Travis Browne. I match well against strikers.”

“Mark Hunt is a dangerous opponent. He’s not ranked among the Top 10 in the UFC, but that doesn’t say anything. I will train for the toughest fight of my career like if he was the No. 1.”

Enough said, huh?  Here’s what happened when these two threw down.

After a 45 second wait, Silva landed a kick to the body.  Then came a side kick to the legs.  A low kick from the big man landed.  Hunt missed with a huge punch.  Nice right by Bigfoot.  Grazing punches by Hunt.  But then during an exchange, Silva dropped Hunt with a right hand.  The Samoan got back up, however, quite quickly.  Solid low kick from Hunt. And that was about it on the stanza.

Silva takes round one.

Round two started with a more aggressive Mark Hunt.  Along with this, the hometown crowd favorite landed a very hard right hand after the halfway point and generally landed more punches than he did in round one.  Though Silva was game with low kicks, including side kicks to the legs, Hunt hit home with enough punches to take the stanza.  Along the way, he also shirked a takedown.

That said, a late low kick by Silva hurt Hunt's leg.

The third round started with Hunt landing a nice combination.  Then he took Silva down...yep, that's what I said.  Silva got up soon after.  After the three minute mark, Hunt landed a hard right uppercut and then a straight right hand.  Soon after, he hit home with two more right hands, including one that dropped Silva big time.  Hunt followed him to the canvas and continued the onslaught with ground and pound.  And for the rest of the stanza, Hunt simply beat his opponent up.

Clear round for Hunt.  Maybe even a two pointer.

Bigfoot was aggressive early in round four.  Along with this, he landed multiple low kicks and a nice straight right.  But then Hunt took his adversary down again.  Ground and pound ensued until Silva was able to get back up more than a minute later.  Then came a huge exchange, with both fighters landing multiple shots that almost ended things.  Hunt eventually went for a takedown, nearly netted it, and instead ended up with Silva on top of him.  That eventually led to Silva mounted on him, beating him down badly and opening up a bad cut with an elbow for a significant period of time.

Then came the bell.  This is a great fight!

It's all tied up, is my guess, unless they gave Hunt a two pointer in third.

Big time combination from Hunt.  Then another.  The Samoan is coming forward aggressively and hurting Silva.  Punch after punch landed from the hometown favorite.  Some big standing elbows as well. 

Bigfoot is tired.  Hunt is too, but the bigger man is cut badly.  So badly, in fact, that they stopped the bout momentarily to check on the cut.  And the rest seemed to energize Bigfoot, who connected with multiple big shots on his adversary right after.  Then Hunt came back with the same.  And though it was all close at the end, Hunt did enough, in my opinion, early in the stanza to win.

One of the better fights I've ever seen.

Mark Hunt and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva fight to a majority draw.

Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Results

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