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UFC 167 St. Pierre vs. Hendricks Results


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Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley Results

Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley Results - Two fighters with great wrestling backgrounds.  A young buck (Woodley) vs. the old guard (Koscheck).  Yep, this one had potential coming in.  Here's how their fight went.

Early on, Woodley buckled Koscheck's knees with a right hand.  Koscheck managed to gather himself and press his opponent into the cage wall.  The two traded knees there, with Koscheck hitting home with more of the mild strikes, before a referee driven separation occurred.  Woodley hit home with a hard right hand and a leg kick.  But Koscheck gained his respect with a big time right of his own.  That said, Woodley then connected with a right hand that sent the former TUF 1 competitor reeling to the canvas, where he was literally pounded on.  Eventually, Koscheck recovered enough to pull a defensive guard.  After some time, the referee brought the two to their feet due to a lack of action.  Koscheck connected with a hard right hand.  But then Woodley hit home with a much harder one, which was followed by another.

And that was that- knockout, folks!

Woodley looked great tonight.  Koscheck looked like he is getting old.

Tyron Woodley defeats Josh Koscheck by KO at 4:38 of round one.

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