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UFC 167 St. Pierre vs. Hendricks Results


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Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Results

Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Results - The bottom line is that this fight between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks took a while in the making.  St. Pierre could have fought Hendricks earlier, but rallied for a fight against Nick Diaz, one that he won rather easily.  Hendricks’ take on all of it?  Simple.  He thinks that St. Pierre was “worried,” about him.

“There's a part of me that really believes that. If Kampmann would have beat me, do you think GSP would still have fought Nick Diaz?” Hendricks said, according to an article at BloodyElbow.  “He wouldn't ... he would have fought Kampmann. I think he's worried about me; he knows that I have the skills to do what I can do.”

“I think in the Carlos Condit fight, he didn't know if he was 100%. He fought like he was 100%, that was the GSP we knew, but I think he wanted to get one more fight to make sure he was 100%. If I would have lost, Kampmann would have got that title shot. I think that's really what it boils down to. He doesn't know if he's 100% ready, mentally.”

So that’s enough pre-fight chatter.  Here’s what happened when these two high level welterweights went at it at UFC 167.

Early on, Hendricks' threw a left hand and St. Pierre immediately took him down.  St. Pierre looked for a choke and used it to hold his opponent down for a little bit longer, but it was short lived- Hendricks got back up.  St. Pierre tried to take his adversary down and took some punishment in the form of elbows for his efforts.  And that's when Hendricks took him down.  But Rush got right back up.  Hendricks landed a hard knee upon a separation.  St. Pierre connected with jabs and kicks to the body.  Nice high kick by St. Pierre.  Then the former two time national champion wrestler clinched with him.  Knees from St. Pierre landed.  They separated, and St. Pierre began to connect from a distance with mild jabs and kicks.  Good round.  Not sure who won it.

Round two saw Hendricks hurt St. Pierre big time with punches early on.  The champ weathered the storm, and even got his jab going  later in the round.  But because of the damage, Hendricks took the second stanza.

Hendricks is doing a very good job.  St. Pierre's eye is swollen, and there is some blood.

For the majority of the third round, St. Pierre was slowly beginning to pick his opponent apart with jabs and quick kicks.  But at the end of the round, Hendricks took him down, but was unable to do much of anything before the champ got back up.

I'd give that one to St. Pierre.  Round two went to the challenger.  Round one was close.  Hendricks is beginning to slow down.

Early in round four, St. Pierre slipped, allowing Hendricks to take the top position on the canvas.  There he was pounded on him some before letting the champ up.  The fight from there on in was closer, but Hendricks hit more and took the stanza.

I think Hendricks is up one or two rounds going into the final stanza.  St. Pierre is bleeding badly.

Round five saw Hendricks balance on one leg for a significant portion of time when St. Pierre went for the takedown,  The Canadian didn't get it then.  But after a hard body kick and some punches, the champ put Hendricks on the canvas.  That said, the former national champion soon got back up.  St. Pierre won the striking battle for a time before getting another takedown, albeit a brief one.  Then came the bell.

St. Pierre took that round.  I think he likely took round three.  Round one may be the stanza to determine who the champ is.  If these were PRIDE rules, Hendricks would have won for sure- St. Pierre is a bloody mess.  But with round by round scoring?

Georges St. Pierre defeats Johny Hendricks by split decision.

Afterwards, St. Pierre noted that he was going to step away from fighting for a bit.  It's hard to know if he was saying that he was retiring or not.  We should know more later.

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