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Silva Weidman - UFC 162 Results


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Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman Results
Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman Results - Coming into his UFC 162 title fight against the fighter most believe is the best to ever live, Chris Weidman exuded confidence. Along the way, he told CagePotato about one of Anderson Silva's best traits, something that he planned on stopping him short of using.

“One of Anderson’s Silva’s best traits in MMA is that he gets inside people’s heads. Before they even step in the cage, he has a certain mystique about him that intimidates people. He earned that over the years. But even when they get in the cage with him, he makes sure to make them feel as if he’s on a whole ‘nother level. And then he waits for them to believe him in that, and he freakin’ mentally and physically breaks them…I’m just going to be confident. I’m not going to be worried about what he’s doing, I’m worried about what I’m doing."

Check out if Weidman was able to put his money where his mouth is below.

Early on, Weidman took Silva down and then landed some big time right hands. Silva achieved the half guard position, blocking strikes along the way. Then he achieved guard. As Weidman connected on him while standing over him, he went for a leglock, which Silva fended off and then got to his feet from. And that’s when the show started. Silva started landing some strikes, the hardest of which were the low kicks. However, he continually put his hands on his hips,allowing Weidman to land punches on him purposefully. Then came the bell. That was a close round.

Round two saw Silva start trash talking early. He also landed some rare strikes and shirk a takedown. But then came a huge left hand from Weidman that dropped Silva while he was doing that hands down thing and smiling at his opponent. And that was that.

Chris Weidman defeats Anderson Silva by KO at 1:18 of round two. He's going to regret so much showboating. A historic fight, no doubt.

Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman Results

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