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Aldo Zombie - UFC 163 Results


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Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis Results
Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis Results - Coming in, it was looking like the winner of this light heavyweight tussle in Brazil would net a title shot against champion Jon "Bones" Jones. If that person was in fact Shotokan karate fighter Lyoto Machida, then the fight would be a rematch of one where he gave Jones some trouble early on only to find himself asleep on the canvas in round two. That said, Machida was feeling confident if that rematch were to materialize.

"I have some keys on how to win Jon Jones," Machida told Marcelo Alonso. "I was very close [to] the victory against Jones (the first time). Maybe if somebody gives me a rematch, I can get that."

Of course, Phil Davis is the kind of athlete and wrestler who could spoil Machida's rematch party before it even started. So without further ado, here's what happened when these two clashed in Brazil.

Early on, Machida slowly took the center of the Octagon and pressured his opponent. Davis landed a body kick. He missed with another. The two traded low kicks, with Machida clearly getting the better of things. A grazing left hand by Machida landed. For the majority of the stanza, “The Dragon” was the aggressor in a pretty uneventful period of time. That said, a left kick to the body followed by one of those moving forward straight punching flurries that only Machida can execute followed, which hurt his adversary. That said, Davis came forward and took his opponent down, executing some decent ground and pound, just before the bell.

Close round because of the takedown. I’d give it to Machida because he did more damage during the flurry, and won most of the round.

The second round was close. Davis offered a lot more output in this stanza. That said, most of his strikes were blocked. Machida did land a few rather solid strikes, including a kick or two and a nice left hand. Further, “The Dragon” shirked three different takedown attempts. But at the tail end of the round, Davis managed a takedown and some significant ground and pound.

That was a close one. Hmmmm…. I don’t know who wins it. It could be tied going into the final stanza.

A big knee from Machida resulted in him being on top of his adversary for a very brief moment on the ground. And although Davis did attempt to connect with several strikes, he almost never landed cleanly, whereas Machida’s were almost all significant. Further, he stopped all of Davis’s takedown attempts and actually used his shot against him on one occasion, putting him on the ground for a very brief moment.

Machida definitely won round three. The other two were very close. I'd give rounds one and three to Machida. But the judges did not agree.

Phil Davis defeats Lyoto Machida by unanimous decision.

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