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Horse Stance Tutorial


Horse Stance
Horse Stance Tutorial

Sifu Anthony demonstrates the Horse Stance.

Courtesy of Sifu Anthony Korahais and FlowingZen.com.
The Horse Stance (also knows as mabu, kiba-dachi, and kuda kuda) is a common stance used during exercises and forms in traditional martial arts like kung fu and karate. It is also used to strengthen the legs and in actual combat.

The Horse Stance is called such because of the similarity of the position to riding a horse. Though there are many variations of it, particularly in regard to the separation of the legs and the depth of the stance, practitioners generally position their legs slightly wider than shoulder width when performing this maneuver. From there, they should bend their knees, keep their backs as straight as possible, and push their chests out, keeping their hips forward. The knee bend is ninety degrees or smaller, depending on the style.

The Horse Stance practiced in Shaolin Kung Fu, which is of southern Chinese descent, is pictured above. The southern Chinese martial arts tend toward a wider Horse Stance with the toes pointing forward or mildly angled outward.

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