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Fighting Stance Tutorial


Fighting Stance Tutorial
Fighting Stance Tutorial
Beyond making a fist, the fighting stance is probably the most basic and arguably important of all martial arts training stances. That said, there are several variations to it depending on the martial arts style or school giving instruction.

Generally, practitioners should have their feet about shoulder width apart. The front hand (in this case left) should be around chin level, while the right hand or back hand should be near the face to protect. Both hands are turned so that the side of the hand is being shown to the opponent, not the palm or back. The back foot should be turned at a 45-degree angle along with the body, while the front foot should be turned at around five or 10 degrees. Both legs should be bent to allow for quick movement.

Boxers might tuck their chin or lift their shoulders more. Karate fighters might lower their back hand, as most Kyokushin or full contact karate matches do not allow punches to the face, making being able to block shots to the body quickly more important to some.

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