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Long Beach Internationals Martial Arts Festival and Competition


The Long Beach Internationals Martial Arts Festival and Competition (IMAFC), formerly called the Long Beach International Karate Competition, has brought martial arts competition to the Long Beach, California area for decades.

Kinds of competition: The IMAFC does not cater to one exclusive style of martial arts. Everything from Okinawan karate styles, Tae Kwon Do, no gi and gi jiu jitsu, American Kenpo, Chinese styles, MMA (amateur), Filipino stick and blade fighting, and breaking competitions have seen there way to IMAFC events in one way or another over the years. Forms or kata competitions, as well as sparring are also partaken in, depending on the year and style.

Training and Workshops: The IMAFC regularly sponsors workshops, competitions, and even martial arts camps at their events. They’ve been known to offer over 50 different workshops during one festival!

Awards: There are monetary rewards. In addition, winners get the chance for other rewards, depending on the competition in question.

Age and Gender: Competitions in youth and adult divisions are available for both genders.

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