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Top 10 Toughest Fighters in MMA Today


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Top 10 Toughest Fighters in MMA Today
Top 10 Toughest Fighters in MMA Today

Nick Diaz defeats Thomas Denny.

Courtesy of Sherdog.com
Top 10 Toughest Fighters in MMA Today - Putting together a list of today's toughest MMA fighters is no easy task. But the first thing we must do is put together the criteria. After all, this is NOT a top 10 MMA fighters list. This is not about who is the best fighter. It is also not a toughest MMA fighters of all-time list. Nope, this is about being tough in the here and now- plain and simple. So, the criteria are (drumroll please):

Great Battles: Being tough isn't about potential for being tough; it's about having shown your mettle in great fights. One of the criteria for being a tough guy in MMA is to have fought in great fights that showcased this.

Jaw: If you're easy to knock out, then being deemed tough is going to be hard to come by. Being hard to knock out, plain and simple, is important.

Cardio/Will to Win: Part of being tough is mental toughness. In fact, this may be the single greatest predictor of who we view as tough. Mental strength can be seen through a fighter's cardio- how hard they worked before the fight, and if they keep going when things get tough- as well as their desire and ability to impose their will on an opponent.

Intangibles: A great scowl. Something unusual that sets a fighter apart. The intangibles cannot be discounted.

So without further ado, follow the links below for our top 10 toughest fighters in MMA today.

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