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Want to know about the martial arts? Then this is the place to be. Learn about the various methods of combat that have been systemized- often referred to as martial arts styles- and some of the pros and cons of each type.
  1. Martial Arts Basics
  2. Styles By Country of Origin
  3. Striking Styles
  4. Grappling Styles
  5. Throwing Styles
  6. Low Impact or Meditative Styles
  7. Weapons Based Styles
  1. Hybrid Styles
  2. Pioneers and Innovators
  3. Striking and Stances Tutorials
  4. Grappling and Takedowns Tutorials
  5. Health & Fitness
  6. Book and DVD Reviews

Martial Arts Basics

It's always best to start with the basics. Take in some literature on the styles and basic techniques of martial arts.

Styles By Country of Origin

Virtually every country in the world can name a martial arts style all its own. Here's the place to learn about the unique martial arts types that can be found in the neck of the woods you're interested in.

Striking Styles

The striking styles teach practitioners how to utilize punches, kicks, elbows, blocks, and knees to their advantage. Learn the history of the striking styles and what makes each one of them unique here.

Grappling Styles

Early in history, people began to realize just how often fights ended up on the ground. Hence, came the grappling styles. If you're looking to learn the history of specific grappling styles, including what sets each of them apart, you've come to the right place.

Throwing Styles

The throwing martial arts styles are all about using an attackers' aggression against them. The history of these particularly unique styles is all the rave here.

Low Impact or Meditative Styles

Those that practice the low impact styles of martial arts are more concerned with breathing techniques, fitness, and the spiritual side of things than combat, even if all of these styles were once used for combat.

Weapons Based Styles

You've come to the place with information on some of the more popular martial arts styles that utilize weapons.

Hybrid Styles

Once you put these styles together, you end up with the sport of MMA or mixed martial arts. Check out the history and specifics of the sport here.

Pioneers and Innovators

Martial Arts Pioneers and Innovators - Check out the story on some of the most influential martial artists of all-time here.

Striking and Stances Tutorials

Learn some of the moves that make the standing or striking arts unique.

Grappling and Takedowns Tutorials

Here are some of the techniques that grappling style enthusiasts use in order to impose their will.

Health & Fitness

Being a martial artist is hard work. In other words, you have to be in shape. Read up on some ways to accomplish this outside of your martial arts training here.

Book and DVD Reviews

If you're looking for some worthwhile books or DVD's on martial arts, you've come to the right place. Check out our reviews here.

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