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What Is the Best Type of Martial Arts?



Striking or Stand-Up Styles

If you're looking to punch, kick, and learn how to defend yourself in a stand up fight, then the styles below are worth a look.

Grappling or Ground Fighting Styles

If taking people to the ground and wrestling with them sounds like fun to you, below are some styles to consider.

Throwing or Takedown Styles

The throwing or takedown styles involve learning how to take people to the ground. Some of the techniques, of course, overlap with the grappling styles noted above. If you're looking for a throwing style, many of which place a high emphasis on defensive techniques that use an opponents' aggression against them, check out the styles below.

Weapons Based Styles

Learning to use weapons is a part of many of the traditional martial arts styles. However, there are some styles that cater almost exclusively to weapons. Check out some of these below.

Low Impact or Meditative Styles

Those that practice the low impact styles of martial arts are more concerned with breathing techniques, fitness, and the spiritual side of things than combat, even if all of these styles were once used for combat. Check out some of these low impact styles below.

Hybrid Styles

Most martial arts styles utilize techniques found in others. That said, in recent years, via the popularity of MMA, many schools are simply labeling the teaching and utilization of several martial arts styles together as mixed martial arts. Still, the term MMA generally refers to training to compete in a sports style of martial arts that allows for grappling, stand up fighting, takedowns/ throws, and submissions. Beyond the aforementioned, are also other hybrid styles, noted along with MMA below.

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