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UFC on Fuel 8 Silva vs. Stann Predictions


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Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann Prediction
What Wanderlei Silva brings to the table: Heart. Crazy and powerful hooks. Excellent Muay Thai skills. These are the things that Silva brings to every fight he engages in. He's a knockout waiting to happen.

Unfortunately for "The Axe Murderer", where he once owned a granite chin, he does not anymore. In accordance with this, over the past five years he's been knocked out by Dan Henderson, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, and Chris Leben.

Silva has submissions and decent takedown defense. But he is not known for his ground skills. He is a stand up fighter with a warrior's mentality.

What Brian Stann brings to the table: Stann is a very big middleweight who hits hard. He possesses good technical striking. In the end, he's about the knockout.

Stann has great heart, is an American war hero, and brings cardio to every fight he engages in. Though his takedown defense has improved, it is still a relative weakness, as are his improving ground skills.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann Prediction: The chances of this bout going to the ground are remote. Neither fighter has experienced a ton of success throughout their careers on the canvas, and neither is great at putting fights there in the first place. So expect a stand up battle.

One mistake ends the night for either fighter here. But in the end, I think that Stann simply has the better jaw these days. If this fight took place during Silva's heyday, it would be a different story. But now?

Brian Stann defeats Wanderlei Silva by first round KO.

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