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UFC 158 Predictions


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UFC 158 Predictions
UFC 158 Predictions

Nick Diaz defeats Thomas Denny.

Courtesy of Sherdog.com
UFC 158 Predictions - UFC 158 will come to us all live on March 16, 2013 from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Simply put, the main event was a perfect one for Canada, with hometown hero Georges St. Pierre taking on Nick Diaz for the UFC welterweight crown. But there was more for Canadian fans to salivate over, as Johny Hendricks was slated to take on Carlos Condit for a possible shot at the title or the recently injured Rory MacDonald.

Wondering how these fights and more will play out? Check out our detailed UFC 158 predictions below by following the links.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz Prediction

Johny Hendricks vs. Carlos Condit Prediction

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