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UFC 156 Predictions


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Frank Edgar vs. Jose Aldo Prediction
UFC 156 Predictions
Courtesy of Sherdog.com.
What Frank Edgar brings to the table: Edgar used to be small when he fought in the lightweight division. Not anymore, since he now calls the featherweight class home. His boxing is top notch in MMA. His jaw and toughness are literally legendary. And he is a very, very good wrestler. In terms of submissions, he's not known for much, but he isn't a guy that gets submitted, so his submission defense is there. And he's a cardio freak.

The real question on Edgar coming into this bout is just how fast he will now be. In other words, part of his hand/footwork speed advantage on his feet likely had to do with him almost always being the smaller fighter in the lightweight division. He won't be so small anymore, so you've got to wonder if that speed advantage will dissipate some. By the same token, his power was not great as a lightweight. But as a featherweight, will that improve?

What Jose Aldo brings to the table: Aldo possesses some of the best low kicks going, primarily because he is an upper level Muay Thai fighter. He is very explosive with his hands as well. Aldo also possesses a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, though his use of submissions in fights has not been seen much by the masses to date.

Aldo possesses strong takedown defense. For example, when he fought Kenny Florian for the belt some time ago, his larger adversary had trouble taking him down. Aldo has shown good cardio throughout his career. But the one time that he was pressed- against Mark Hominick- he had some difficulty in the later rounds of a tough, drawn out fight.

Frank Edgar vs. Jose Aldo Prediction: This is a tough fight to call because of the drop in weight for Edgar and the questions that will come from that. That said, I still think that Edgar will have the better hands in this one; Aldo will possess the better kicks. That power of Aldo's will be felt in any division. But can you actually imagine Edgar getting knocked out here? The guy is as tough as they come.

I think that this fight will be close through round three. Aldo will land kicks and sometimes powerful punches; Edgar will connect more often with his boxing. And every now and then, the former lightweight champ will take his opponent to the canvas, albeit only momentarily. But by round four, Edgar, who is used to tough fights, will begin to look fresher. And by round five, he will begin to steal the show, much like Hominick once did. The difference is that Edgar is a better fighter than Hominick. Could the drop in weight hurt Edgar's cardio more than I realize? Yep. But in the end, I don't think it will.

Frank Edgar defeats Jose Aldo by TKO in round five.

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