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UFC 154 Predictions


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Johny Hendricks vs. Martin Kampmann Prediction
What Johny Hendricks brings to the table: Johny Hendricks possesses some pretty exceptional wrestling capabilities, as his two collegiate national championships would seem to attest to. He also hits awful hard- just ask Jon Fitch- and has solid submission defense. In terms of weaknesses, he's not much for submitting guys. That said, he is one tough hombre who always comes to fight in shape.

What Martin Kampmann brings to the table: Kampmann is another very tough guy with excellent cardio. He's also the epitome of well-roundedness. We're talking about an above average technical striker with the same level of skill in terms of submissions and wrestling. Is he great at any one thing? No. That is his weakness.

Johny Hendricks vs. Martin Kampmann Prediction: Hendricks has the upper hand in this one in terms of dictating where the fight will end up. I expect him to attempt to rough his opponent up along the cage wall before depositing him on his back more than once. Where Thiago Alves made a mistake against Kampmann and Jake Ellenberger gassed, don't expect Hendricks to do either. It may not be pretty, but Hendricks should control this one on his way to a decision victory via dirty boxing and ground and pound.

Johny Hendricks defeats Martin Kampmann by unanimous decision.

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