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UFC 151 Predictions


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Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Prediction
What Jon Jones brings to the table: Jones is the longest light heavyweight known to man. His reach with both kicks and punches is legendary. What's more, he's amazingly agile and quite strong. In other words, physically he's a freak of nature.

Which by itself would be enough to give people trouble. The problem for would be challengers is that Jones brings much more to the table. He also possesses strong wrestling skills and unorthodox striking capabilities that include a lot of spinning kicks, elbows, and the like. His submissions are also improving at a rapid rate- just ask Lyoto Machida.

Taken together, many have wondered aloud if anyone has the stuff to defeat Jones. He's looked pretty unstoppable against elite competition.

What Dan Henderson brings to the table: Henderson has very elite wrestling credentials. Though he may have lost something in this regard over the years, his grappling capabilities are still strong. Henderson also fights with a ton of heart, hits like a truck, and can take a punch with the best of them.

Though he's not easy to submit, Henderson isn't much for submissions. And at 41, he's getting awful old for this.

Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Prediction: Jones and his youth hold a major cardio advantage coming into this bout. His length should allow him to stay outside of Henderson's range for the majority of this encounter. And those who believe Henderson may have a wrestling advantage....Well, I just remember what Jones did to Matt Hamill and Vladimir Matyushenko.

In the end, expect Jones to beat Henderson up on his feet over the course of the first two rounds. He may even take him down during that time and execute some of that harsh ground and pound, born of elbows. By the third round, Henderson will be fatigued, which should lead to him getting hurt on his feet and stopped on the canvas.

Jon Jones defeats Dan Henderson by third round submission. I just think this is a tough match up for Henderson.

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