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Biography and Profile of Jake Ellenberger


Biography and Profile of Jake Ellenberger:

Biography and Profile of Jake Ellenberger - Jake Shields was known as one of the best ground fighters in the world, and one heckuva tough guy coming into his fight against up and comer Jake Ellenberger at UFC Fight Night 25. But as soon as Ellenberger shirked Shields' first clinch attempt with ease, one could see that the upset was brewing. Soon after, Ellenberger threw some knees inside that left his opponent dizzy on the ground. Several punches later and it was all over.

Shields had been proven beatable, and Ellenberger had left no doubt about his welterweight contender status. Here is Ellenberger's story.

Date of Birth:

Jacob Steven Ellenberger was born on March 28, 1985, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Training Camp, Fighting Organization, and Weight Class:

Ellenberger trains out of Premiere Combat Center. He fights for the UFC in their welterweight division.

Martial Arts Background:

Ellenberger attended the University of Nebraska Omaha where he studied psychology. He also served as an assistant wrestling coach there for three years.

Brother Joe Ellenberger:

Jake's brother Joe has PNH, a non-inherited, non-contagious, acquired genetic mutation. It is a disease that attacks red blood cells, in turn oftentimes causing life threatening blood clots and damage to organs. Joe takes Soliris for this, a drug that is, according to Forbes Magazine, the most expensive prescription drug in the world (see UFC profile for more information).

Jake and Joe had dreamed of becoming the first set of brothers to win UFC championship belts. It's no wonder- Joe had been a Division 2 All American wrestler.

MMA Beginnings:

Ellenberger made his MMA debut at AFC 1: Takedown on April 9, 2005, defeating Cameron Wells by first round TKO. In fact, he went 12-0 to start his career before dropping a match to MMA veteran Jay Hieron in his IFL debut on June 3, 2006.

Starting With the UFC:

Ellenberger was 21-4 as a professional when he received his chance in the UFC on September 16, 2009, against former WEC champion Carlos Condit. He lost a close and somewhat debated split decision in the match. Since then, some of the high level fighters Ellenberger has defeated in the UFC include Mike Pyle (TKO) and Jake Shields (KO).

Fighting Style:

First and foremost, Ellenberger has very strong wrestling skills. His takedowns, takedown defense, and ground control skills are excellent. He is also a very powerful man. However, what stands out about Ellenberger most in MMA is his fast and powerful striking. He moves with a speed and ferocity that seems to literally surprise opponents.

Ellenberger is not really known as a submission fighter. But he is very difficult to submit or stop.

Some of Jake Ellenberger's Greatest Victories:

  • Ellenberger defeats Jake Shields by TKO at Fight Night- Shields vs. Ellenberger: Knees followed by punches left Shields on the canvas with a referee stopping the fight. In this bout, Ellenberger proved that his takedown defense was top notch and his powerful striking could take out the best that the division had to offer.
  • Ellenberger defeats John Howard by third round TKO at UFC Live- Jones vs. Matyushenko: Howard was known as a very strong striker. So stopping him in a hotly contested and tough fight pushed Ellenberger up another notch in the UFC's eyes.
  • Ellenberger defeats Mike Pyle by second round TKO at UFC 108: Pyle is an excellent fighter. So stopping him in the UFC really caused a lot of people to take notice of Ellenberger's skills.
  • Ellenberger defeats Marcelo Alfaya by first round KO at Bellator 11: In his Bellator debut, Ellenberger was highly impressive. The UFC came calling next. Think this fight was important?
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