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Best Takanori Gomi Knockout Videos On YouTube


Takanori Gomi KO Videos On YouTube Introduction: As Takanori Gomi readies to take on Kenny Florian in his UFC debut at Fight Night 21, it might do some newbie MMA fans good to learn what the Japanese fighter brings to the table. In the end, the former PRIDE champion made himself famous while competing in Japan as their lightweight champion

And here are some of his best knockouts on YouTube.

5. Takanori Gomi Defeats Ralph Gracie By TKO At PRIDE Bushido 3

Ralph Gracie looked pretty intense coming into this fight.  But it took Gomi only six seconds to dispatch of him.

4. Takanori Gomi Defeats Jens Pulver By KO At PRIDE Shockwave 2004

Pulver, a former UFC champion, came into this fight with the better stand up resume.  This allowed Gomi to truly prove once and for all that his fast reflexes and amazing stand up power were on a level with anyone's in MMA at the time. 

3. Takanori Gomi Defeats Mitsuhiro Ishida By KO At PRIDE Shockwave 2006

A big left hand, some hammerfists, and soccer kicks felled Ishida. And that was that.

2. Takanori Gomi Defeats Hayato Sakurai By KO at PRIDE Shockwave 2005

Japanese fans were salivating for this fight coming in.  A left-right Gomi combination ended Sakurai's night early.

1. Takanori Gomi Defeats Luiz Azeredo By KO At PRIDE Bushido 7

Gomi got his butt kicked in the beginning of this fight.  But then he connected with a left-right combination that put his opponent out.  Unfortunately, "The Fireball Kid," didn't seem satisfied with just that and had to be pulled off of his opponent after the fight was already over, which made him a marked man at Chute Boxe Academy in Brazil.   

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