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Strikeforce Tate vs. Rousey Results


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Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey Results
Strikeforce Tate vs. Rousey Results
Courtesy of Sherdog.com
Coming into their Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey Bantamweight Championship match up, both Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate engaged in a significant amount of pre-fight chatter. For example, Tate wrote the following regarding Rousey after indicating what she learned about her fighting instincts during her first amateur MMA fight (here's a hint- fight, not flight):

"My March 3 challenger and opponent, Ronda Rousey, has never faced this type of make or break moment during her 4-0 mixed martial arts career (the kind Tate faced in her first amateur bout). Yes, she was very accomplished as a judo player, winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics, but she has yet to taste her own blood in a grueling MMA bout. She’s yet to prove she can battle back from any adversity at all. Questions have never been asked of her...... on March 3rd, the night we meet for my Strikeforce world bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey will learn just how hard and horrible the sport of mixed martial arts can be. I will take great pleasure in dragging her into deep waters for the first time in her life and then drowning her there."

Does anything else really need to be said? Now here's what happened during the fight.

Tate came out swinging, nailed Rousey pretty hard with strikes, and was then taken down. Rousey switched positions and grabbed an armbar. It was deep, but somehow, inexplicably, Tate survived. She then ended up on top, nailed her opponent with some hard punches, and took her back. Rousey got to her feet and slammed Tate down, but that did not take her off of her back. After some scrambling, Rousey stood over Tate and nailed with her with some punches. Tate got to her feet. The two clinched before Rousey took her down again. Tate got up. The two threw down, with Tate winning the quick battle before Rousey executed a solid hip throw. Rousey took side control, then the mount. After some serious ground and pound, Rousey took her back. From there, eventually she transitioned to an armbar. Tate tried to fight through it all, but in the end, had no choice but to succumb and tap. I think that arm of hers may be broken.

Ronda Rousey is for real, folks. And, by the way, Miesha Tate is tough- real tough.

Ronda Rousey defeats Miesha Tate by armbar at 4:27 of round one.

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