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Everything You Need To Know About The UFC On FOX


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Everything You Need To Know About The UFC On FOX
Everything You Need To Know About The UFC On FOX
Courtesy of Sherdog.com
On August 18, 2011, Zuffa and FOX held a press conference to announce that the UFC and the network had come to terms on a seven year television deal. The deal is considered enormous for mixed martial arts, and should expand the market for the already fastest growing sport in the world even further. The terms were as follows:

  1. FOX will broadcast four UFC events a year on broadcast television.
  2. Six events per year will air on FX, their basic cable station. FX is available to 99,369,000 homes right now, which is comparable to the number of homes that Spike TV reaches.
  3. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) reality television show, the show that truly put MMA on the map, will also air on FX. A major difference will be that TUF will now be offered live, as opposed to the tape delayed version fans got to see on Spike TV.
  4. FUEL and FOX Deportes will also carry UFC programming.
  5. Sports Business Daily announced that the agreement is worth as much as $90 million per year. However, to date, this has not been confirmed.
  6. The FOX shows are likely to have higher profile fights than the Fight Night events fans have become accustomed to, but won't hold the same fanfare as pay per view telecasts.

UFC President Dana White obviously had a lot to say about the deal. Along with this, he told MMAFighting.com's Ariel Helwani the following right after the announcement was made:

  • On negotiations: Controlling production was "a major issue," during talks with several networks on the UFC side.
  • On the amount of money the deal was struck for: "They don't talk about numbers (FOX)...when you put live sporting events on TV, you're not going to get rich off it, I guess unless you're the NFL."
  • On the deal: "I always wanted to be with Fox. This was the right deal. We got everything we wanted. We got to do it the way that we wanted. We got to do it with the network we wanted to be on. It couldn't have worked out any better than this."
  • On the importance of the deal for the company: "There's been so many milestones that we've had in this company, and if you put them altogether, they don't add up to what's happening here today. ..this is the one thing that I always dreamed about."

Given the huge and deserved fanfare regarding this announcement, consider this article your one stop shopping for the UFC on FOX. As fight cards, predictions, and results come to be, feel free to check them out by following the links below.

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