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Biography and Profile of Keith Jardine


Biography and Profile of Keith Jardine

Keith Jardine getting ready to fight.

Courtesy of Sherdog.com.

Date of Birth:

The biography of Keith Jardine starts in Butte, Montana on October 31, 1975.


The Dean of Mean



Training Camp:

Jackson’s Submission Fighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Jardine possesses a degree in Human Performance and Sport from New Mexico Highlands University.

Keith Jardine Before MMA:

In the late 1990’s while coaching football, Jardine began to realize that he still wanted to compete in athletics. Though he got involved in rugby and wrestling tournaments without any real grappling training, it just wasn’t enough. So when he met Greg Jackson in 2000, Jardine started training in the sport that had been on his mind since the early 90’s: MMA.

In addition to coaching football, Jardine was previously employed as a personal trainer, wildland firefighter, miner, and bounty hunter.

The Early MMA Years and Keith Jardine:

Jardine won his MMA debut by armbar on August 19, 2001, over Amir Rahnavardi. In fact, he won eight of his first ten bouts, several with the King of the Cage organization. His lone loss during this time period came by way of KO at the hands of the hard-hitting Travis Wiuff (his fight with Keiichiro Yamamiya in Pancrase ended in a draw).

And that’s when Dana White came calling.

The Ultimate Fighter Reality Television Show 2:

Jardine competed on TUF 2, a reality television show that pits up and coming fighters against one another in a single elimination tournament with a UFC contract waiting in the wings for the winner. Though he was the first heavyweight fighter that TUF 2 coach Rich Franklin chose, Jardine was unable to come through with a victory against Rashad Evans in the semi-finals.

Still, The Dean of Mean rattled off two straight UFC victories against Kerry Schall (TKO- leg kicks) and Mike Whitehead (decision) after the show ended.

Fighting Style:

Jardine is known for his toughness and excellent striking skills. Along with this, he hits hard, utilizes leg kicks extremely well, and possesses solid takedown defense. He is not known as someone that looks to bring fights to the ground but has proven to have solid wrestling and submission skills when fights go that route.

Jardine is a black belt in Greg Jackson's art of Gaidojutsu.

Three of Keith Jardine’s Biggest Wins:

  1. Keith Jardine wins by TKO over Forrest Griffin at UFC 66: People wondered if Griffin could be knocked out before this fight. Jardine proved that he was human.
  2. Keith Jardine defeats Chuck Liddell by split decision at UFC 76: Liddell seemed like he was going to punch a hole through Jardine early on. But in rounds two and three, Jardine took over with outstanding leg kicks and well-placed punches. This is the fight that made people realize that Jardine was for real.
  3. Keith Jardine defeats Brandon Vera by split decision at UFC 89: Not one of the greatest fights ever, but a win over Brandon Vera is nothing to scoff at.
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