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Biography and Profile of Cris "Cyborg" Justino

Formerly Cris "Cyborg" Santos


Date of Birth:

The biography of Cris "Cyborg" Justino starts on July 9, 1985.

Training Camp and Organization:

Justino trains out of the world famous Chute Boxe Academy in Brazil. She currently fights for the Invicta Fighting Championships.


When Justino fought Gina Carano, she was known as Cris "Cyborg" Santos.  At the time she was married to MMA fighter Evangelista Santos, thereby taking his last name and nickname. However, the couple split in December of 2011, and she returned to her maiden name of Justino.  That said, she kept the nickname.

Toughest Fights According to Cristiane Justino:

One would think that Justino's first fight, a submission loss to Erica Paes (leglock), was her toughest encounter. Rather, Justino (then Santos) told Tatame that her toughest fights were against Vanessa Porto at Storm Samurai 9 in 2005 (decision victory) and Yoko Takahashi at EliteXC in 2008 (decision victory). It's likely no coincidence that those are the only two fights on her record that have gone the distance.

Fighting Style:

Justino fights like most Chute Boxe competitors- she doesn't mess around. Her diverse Muay Thai skills and solid submissions allow her to go for broke from the beginning of the fight to the end. Along with this, she is also very strong and has outstanding cardio.

Said another way, Justino likes to stand and knock her competitors out. Her fighting style could be characterized as both vicious and diverse.

The Story on the Cyborgs:

MMA fighters Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos and Cristiane got together in 2005, when Cris first fought in Sao Paulo. After three months they began living together and then decided to get married.

The two split in December of 2011.

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