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Biography and Profile of Chael Sonnen


Chael Sonnen Biography Introduction:

Some MMA fighters are good at hyping an upcoming bout. Chael Sonnen is great at it. We're talking about another level here, folks; a quality quote waiting to happen. By itself, that would be enough to draw some interest his way.

But wouldn't you know it? On top of that, he's also an excellent fighter.

Date of Birth:

Chael Sonnen was born on April 3, 1977 in West Linn, Oregon.

Training Camp and Fighting Organization:

Sonnen trains with Team Quest out of Portland, Oregon. He fights for the UFC.

Wrestling Background:

Sonnen was an NCAA Division 1 All American wrestler while competing for the University of Oregon. He was also a two time University National Champion in Greco Roman wrestling and a United States Olympic Team alternate.

MMA Beginnings:

Sonnen made his MMA debut against Jason Miller at HFP 1, winning by unanimous decision. In fact, he won his first five MMA fights before falling to Trevor Prangley by way of submission. He would later avenge the Prangley loss by decision at Ultimate Fight Night 4.

WEC Career:

Sonnen fought four times in the WEC, winning three of those encounters. However, he will always be best known for his two bouts with Paulo Filho, which he split. In their first fight at WEC 31, Sonnen was beating Filho up before getting caught in an armbar and losing. However, he got a rematch and won in dominant fashion by decision. Unfortunately, Filho didn't make weight before the bout. Therefore, the match did not net Sonnen the WEC middleweight title he deserved.

It was the first loss of Filho's career.

Fighting Style:

Sonnen has improved his striking skills to the point that they are definitely solid. That said, he is a ground and pound kind of fighter. In other words, he utilizes his wrestling skills to take opponents down, control them, and strike them on the canvas. He always comes to fight in shape, which helps him to follow through on such a game plan.

Sonnen is not known for his submissions or submission defense. Along with this, throughout his career he has gotten caught in several submissions but has improved in this regard over time.

Other Jobs and Interests:

Sonnen works as a real estate agent. In addition, he was running to be Oregon's House State Representative in District 37 as a Republican before he decided to drop out of the race on June 16, 2010.

By the way, here's what he told Brawl Sports about fighting full time, which is the norm at the upper echelon of the industry: "Look, anybody who is a full time fighter is a full time lazy guy. There's no way. What do we work out for, three hours a day? I've got a two hour session with Team Quest and a one hour session on my own each day. That's three hours a day. I've got friends who spend more time playing golf. That leaves you 21 hours a day."

Some of Chael Sonnen's Greatest MMA Victories:

  • Sonnen defeats Nate Marquardt by unanimous decision at UFC 109: Sonnen toughed out an upset victory here with a steady diet of ground and pound.
  • Sonnen defeats Paulo Filho by unanimous decision at WEC 36: Filho had defeated Sonnen just two fights previous by a controversial armbar. This was Sonnen's chance to get even, and he did, dominating the action on both his feet and the ground the whole way through. The only thing that tainted the win was that Filho failed to make weight for the bout, making it a non-championship affair. In other words, Sonnen deserved to be called WEC Middleweight Champion afterwards but wasn't.
  • Sonnen defeats Jason "Mayhem" Miller by unanimous decision at HFP 1: This served as Sonnen's first MMA fight and victory. Little did he know at the time it was against what would become a very good MMA fighter in Miller.
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