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Learn About the Heroes and Movies of Martial Arts


Looking to read up on some of the films that have captivated martial arts movie fans? Wanting to know more about the history of martial arts and its heroes? Then check out our movie lists, well-known martial arts actor biographies, book/movie reviews, and more.
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  2. Martial Arts Movie Lists
  3. Movie and DVD Reviews
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Actor Biographies

Check out the story on some of the best-known martial arts movie actors here.

Martial Arts Movie Lists

If you're looking around this site, chances are you like a good martial arts movie. This is the place to peruse movie lists around a common theme or actor.

Movie and DVD Reviews

Looking for a good martial arts movie or instructional video? Then you've come to the right place.

Book Reviews

Books are a great way to learn about new martial arts styles or just escape for awhile. Here are some to take a look at.

Celebrity Interviews

Celebrities are people too. In other words, some of them are martial artists just like us regular folk. Check out some of About.com's interviews with celebrities that practice or have practiced martial arts.

Best of Lists

Everybody likes a good list. Well, here are some that fit under our Heroes & Movies category.

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