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Popular Jackie Chan Movies


Jackie Chan movies are often characterized by three things: Exciting martial arts fights, stunts that are not for the faint of heart, and comedy. Unfortunately, he's been in so many marvelously popular films that it just isn't realistic to profile all of them. That said, forthcoming is a list of some of Chan's more popular movies.

Jackie Chan's Who Am I?

Struck with amnesia, Jackie Chan is a special forces agent named Jackie that is adopted by an African bush tribe. As he seeks his identity, he finds that a lot of people want him dead.

This film was sold directly to cable. Still, there’s some great slapstick comedy and awesome action sequences, including one alongside a skyscraper.

Jackie Chan’s First Strike

The Russian Mafia is up to no good again, posing as KGB agents intent on stealing a nuclear missile. Of course, this causes the CIA to call on Jackie Chan to stop them.

You’ll be sure to enjoy some of the amazing fight scenes in this sequel to Supercop, including a battle in a shark tank.

The Karate Kid (2010)

Work causes a single mother to move from America to China with her young son.  There her boy is bullied by kung fu students, which leads to him learning the art from a master (Jackie Chan) in order to defend himself.


Miracles is a gangster film set in the 1930’s. Chan rescues a dying crime boss, eventually taking over for him when he passes. Believing his good fortune is due to a woman that he’s been buying roses from, he attempts to pay her back by helping her to trick her own daughter into believing that she's a wealthy socialite.

The fight scenes are solid and entertaining. However, it’s the heart in this one that sets it apart.

New Police Story

Jackie Chan plays a police investigator in Hong Kong named Wing that leads his team into a trap that gets everyone but him killed. He then turns to drinking until a younger officer named Fung helps him to turn things around.

That’s when Chan (Wing) seeks revenge on the five people that killed his team.

Operation Condor 2

Jackie Chan wants his kidnapped girlfriend back and all he needs to do is find the old pieces of an ancient suit of armor to pay her ransom. Of course, there are all types of bad guys trying to stop him from doing just that.

The customary humor and action we're all used to in Chan films make this one to watch.

Operation Condor

Jackie Chan plays a secret agent named Condor looking to find lost Nazi gold along with three spectacular women. This 1990 action comedy is one that treats viewers to Chan’s engaging comedic side and also serves up some solid action.

Project A

Jackie Chan plays a coast guard officer named Dragon Ma in 19th-century Hong Kong, whose ship is being terrorized by pirates. Of course, that’s only part of the story as law enforcement officials are also in cahoots with his enemies, leaving Chan in a position where he has to take them on.

As is always the case in Chan films, both his comedic and stunningly athletic side come out.

Rumble in the Bronx

In this breakthrough American film, Jackie Chan plays a visitor to America that fights off a gang of bikers hoping to take over his uncle’s market in the Bronx. The scenes weren’t necessarily beautiful, nor was the dubbing. But Chan was still Chan in terms of the action and awesome fight scenes.

Rush Hour

This is the movie that truly brought Chan to the mainstream American public. Rush Hour is about two polar opposite cops ( Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker ) working together against Asian kidnappers. The fight scenes in this one are good, though perhaps not always at the level of some of Chan’s other films. However, Tucker and he prove to be a rather hilarious duo, making up for that and more.
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