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Great Kung Fu Movies List

From Jackie Chan to Bruce Lee- Check out some great kung fu movies below.


Kung fu movies are all about action sequences, fighting, and perhaps most important- kung fu. That's right, it's not truly a kung fu movie unless a lot of the action is of that genre, rather than karate, for example. So upcoming is a list of great kung fu movies for your perusal.

PS- Don't be afraid to check back for updates as time goes on.

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

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When San Te (Gordon Liu) is cast out of his village for standing up to a horrible warlord that slaughtered his parents, he finds himself with the monks of the Shaolin Temple.  These monks put him through a series of "chambers" designed to teach strength and agility, which leads to San Te learning martial arts under them, suggesting a 36th chamber, and gaining revenge on those that hurt his parents.

This is considered one of the great kung fu movies of all-time.

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The Chinese Connection

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Set in Shanghai in the 1930's- the Japanese are in control of the area at the time- Chen, played by Bruce Lee, seeks revenge on a Japanese gang that killed his kung fu instructor. If you know anything about Bruce Lee movies, then you know that means the bad guys get beat up really bad. This is considered one of this best films.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Drunken Master

Jackie Chan plays the son of a kung fu master who is lacking in discipline and responsibility. Noting this, his father sends him to Master So Hi who teaches him the "drunken" style of fighting. Though Chan runs away from So Hi, this only serves to get him beaten up by a killer named Thunderleg.  Chan comes back with his tail between his legs to training, learns that Thunderleg has been hired to kill his father, and realizes that he must use the martial arts skills he has learned to protect him. 

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Enter the Dragon

This was the last movie Bruce Lee finished before his death. In it, he played a British agent that infiltrates an Asian crime organization via the crime lord's (Han's) annual martial arts tournament. Needless to say, Lee does well in both the tournament and with breaking into Han's heavily guarded residence. Lots of fighting in this one, which culminates with a battle between Lee and Han. Then again, did you expect anything less?


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A nameless warrior (Jet Li) visits an emperor with three weapons, each belonging to a known assassin sworn to kill the emperor. The assassin then tells the story of how he came to hold the weapons, while the emperor gives his interpretation as well. 

This movie was known for its sweeping cinematography and beauty.

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The Karate Kid

Jackie Chan plays a kung fu expert who takes care of the building that Jaden Smith's family moves to in Hong Kong.  When Smith gets beat up by local children that know kung fu, Chan trains him for a local tournament in the hopes that he will gain his (and their) respect.  Is this your every day kung fu movie?  Maybe not.  But given the nature of the plot, I thought it worthy of making this list.

The Legend of Drunken Master

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When Jackie Chan stepped into the role of popular folk hero Wong Fei Hung in The Legend of Drunken Master for a second time, the challenge was to recreate the comedic character he had once played in the original film. Well, problem solved. The mix ups and misunderstandings along with the energy and outstanding fight scenes inherent in this film made his second take on Wong more than worthwhile.

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The Shaolin Temple

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Jet Li plays a man whose father was killed by rival warlords.  Finding refuge in the Shaolin Temple, Li learns martial arts in order to avenge his father's death.  This plan, of course, sets into a motion a lot more than was bargained for. 

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