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Big Changes Coming To Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior

Host Geoff Desmoulin tells About.com about changes to Deadliest Warrior.


Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior television program will be coming back for a third season starting on July 20, 2011, and new host Richard "Mack" Machowicz won't be the only big change fans will see.  Along with this, fellow host Geoff Desmoulin recently spoke of some of the major upcoming additions to the show with About.com's Robert Rousseau.  When you break it down, the changes will likely make the show even more appealing to martial arts fans.

Check out the following four changes below.

Mack Makes His Deadliest Warrior Debut

If you thought previous seasons of Deadliest Warrior focused too much on weapons exclusively, Mack, a 10 year Navy SEAL and strategist, would seem to be the antidote.

"We've got to focus on how are these weapons strategically used in battle, and what was the warrior mindset at the time," said Desmoulin. "Mack's bringing that angle."

Combat Simulator Changes

Perhaps the combat simulator didn't go into enough detail in helping to determine which warrior would win during seasons past.  So the show decided to enlist the help of the people that make the Deadliest Warrior game. 

"Now we're actually going to be using historical data in the simulator," said Desmoulin.  "So we'll take a look at how these guys actually operated in different environments, what were their leadership abilities, what was their quote on quote killer instinct, so to speak, and we can give that a number between zero and a hundred and use that as a number in the sim as well."

Equipment Tests In Front of You

In seasons past, equipment tests were done in the back of a warehouse where viewers couldn't see them.  Not anymore.   

"Well, this year they realized that work was going on and now we've got it on film," Desmoulin said. "I think that will be interesting for the folks.  We've added demonstrations and we've added a white board where I can get to work through some concepts about the science about the weapons and things of that nature."

Making Weapons

Desmoulin's own words would seem to say it best here- "One more thing that I think the fans are going to love is the weapons manufacturing. We've always had Dave Baker being on the show and developing these historical weapons in his shop, but you never really got to see it. So this year, there's a little segment where he gets to talk through how he researched a particular weapon, how he built it, and you'll see him building it..."
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