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Blood Money DVD Review

The Skinny on Blood Money


Blood Money DVD Review
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Blood Money highlights Zhou (Zheng Liu), a man whose parents were killed and sister kidnapped as a child. After being trained by Shaolin monks in the martial arts, Zhou eventually becomes an assassin who works for Steven Ho (Wong), a drug lord who is at odds with several factions, including Chinese cartels, a Columbian drug lord, and biker gangs. When a huge amount of cocaine comes through Shanghai, all involved want control over it, leading to Ho's decision to send his equalizer (Zhou) to the area. Meanwhile, Cabrera- a crazy Columbian drug lord- kills Ho's brother and kidnaps a girl staying with them when they refuse to help the Columbians with distribution in Shanghai. Thus, Ho orders Zhou to get the girl back and kill those who wronged his family. When Zhou doesn't come through, and Ho comes to believe that the kidnapped girl is dead, he orders a hit on Zhou himself, joining forces with the rest of the factions in that one thought- to kill Zhou. All of which leads to some excellent fight scenes and Gordon Liu (a monk that taught Zhou) being brought into the mix.

So if a story about drug lords, assassinations, excellent fight scenes, and organized crime as a whole sounds like something you'd be into, keep reading to find out if Blood Money is worth your while.

The Specifics

Genre: Martial Arts Action

Directed by: Gregory McQualter

Starring: Gordon Liu, Pitbull, Zheng Liu

Released: August 28, 2012

DVD SRP: $14.99

Studio: Xlrator

The Good Parts

Zheng Liu has been compared to Bruce Lee. Of course, so is every new martial arts movie actor in the hope of creating a buzz. That said, in Blood Money Liu proves to be a very adept martial artist for the screen. In other words, his fight scenes and the fight scenes as a whole in this movie were excellent. Now Liu doesn't say much in this movie, but his lack of voice serves to make the viewer want to know more about him. In other words, they do a good job of generating interest in Liu in this flick, in the same fashion that Arnold Schwarzenegger was interesting to viewers in movies like Terminator and Conan.

Beyond the aforementioned, Gordon Liu does a solid job of playing a wise martial arts master, even if his time in the film was limited.

The Less Favorable

Zhou's past in the arts is highlighted nowhere near enough in this flick. In fact, that is the major flaw as a whole with Blood Money- the movie just doesn't offer enough background information. Whether it was with Zhou's family tragedy from childhood, his learning the arts, his relationship with Gordon Liu, and/or his motives, we were simply given too little to go on. Which in turn, made it hard to care for the characters or get into the plot as much as could've been possible.

And Pitbull's appearance in this film was woefully short.

In the End

Blood Money is a good flick for those who love martial arts action. The fight scenes are more than solid. Though it's way too soon to tell how things will go down, Zheng Liu's potential to grow into a martial arts movie star is evident.

So if you're looking for a flick heavy into action versus background, this one may be for you. What's more, if you desire to watch a movie starring a potential star down the road while he's wetting his chops, check out Blood Money.

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