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Martial Arts Takedowns


Takedowns refer to the act of engaging with and purposefully taking an opponent to the ground in martial arts and combat sports. Usually, the martial arts techniques classified as takedowns result in the applier landing on top of his adversary on the ground, though this is not always the case. The process of engaging an opponent quickly in the hopes of taking them down is commonly referred to as shooting in for a takedown or shooting.

Different Kinds of Takedowns

There are several different kinds of takedowns. Oftentimes, the term is used to describe the kinds of martial arts techniques that wrestlers use. However, throws are also considered takedowns. Throws come from the throwing styles of martial arts, some of the more popular of which are Judo, Aikido, and Hapkido.

Martial Arts Styles That Teach Takedowns to a Significant Extent

Takedown Tutorials

Double Leg Takedown for MMA

Single Leg Takedown

Five Top Takedown Artists

  • Randy Couture: Couture was an All-American collegiate wrestler. However, he’s best known for being the only five time UFC champion. His ability to take opponents down at will once made him one of the greatest ground and pound fighters ever. Couture is now retired as a fighter.
  • Dan Gable: A lightweight gold medal wrestler at the 1972 Olympic Games and loser of only one match while wrestling for Iowa State, Gable once had some of the greatest takedowns going. From there he went on to coach the Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling team, where his teams won 15 NCAA team championships from 1976-98.
  • Alexander Karelin: Nicknamed “The Russian Bear”, Karelin was an absolutely dominant super heavyweight Greco Roman wrestler for the former Soviet Union and Russia that won Olympic gold medals in 1988, 1992, and 1996. He went undefeated in international competition from 1987-2000 and went the last six years of that unbeaten streak without even giving up a point. He is widely considered to be the greatest Greco Roman wrestler of all-time, and his takedowns were absolutely brutal.
  • Masahiko Kimura: Kimura, who passed away in 1993, is widely considered to be one of the greatest judokas of all-time. His takedowns and overall fight game was amazing. Along with this, he won numerous judo championships and even had a submission hold named for him (the “Kimura) after defeating Helio Gracie with the move in 1955.
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