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Ben Henderson Has the Right Attitude to Combat Steroids in MMA

By February 16, 2013

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Steroids can cause problems with you medically. They can change your mindset and mood. But athletes hurt themselves medically all the time. Whether it's an MMA fighter who gets hit too much or a football player who takes too many blows to the head, knee, wherever....professional athletes often go by the 'No Pain, No Gain' philosophy. Thus, it's no surprise that for some athletes, the thought of injury or medical issues does not deter from use. Given this, the possibility of mood changes probably isn't going to stop those looking to gain an edge from using illegal performance enhancing drugs either. I've always thought that the reality of fair play, the fact that steroids give an unfair advantage and are cheating in every sense of the word should appeal to real pros who love true competition. Your accomplishments aren't real if you use, plain and simple. Professional athletes, fighters, tend to believe in fair competition. If you're going to reach them on the steroids issue, I've always thought that this slant would provide the best results.

But then Ben Henderson said something via a UFC Fight Club Q & A that gave me a better, though somewhat related slant.

"My thing with the whole steroid thing and whatnot - I understand part of a competitor's nature is to take whatever edge, whatever advantage you can get to be the best," said Henderson. "To that I just say if I'm facing a person - it happened in college wrestling, sadly it shouldn't, but it happened in college wrestling, people on steroids and whatnot - if I know someone is mentally weak enough to take steroids, 'Oh, I need the extra edge, I need to do this', and they know it's illegal, they know it's wrong and they do it, if you're so mentally weak that you have to take steroids, me, five rounds in the cage with you? I will destroy you. Cause you are mentally weak."

"So I'm all for it, if you want to take drugs go ahead and take drugs. I don't really care, but I'm going to whoop your butt because you are mentally weak and that's where you win fights is in the mental stage. If you're weak enough to break down, I'm going to kill you."

And that kind of attitude fits, does it not? If you're not strong enough to fight me fair, if you have that doubt, then I'll beat you. What a great quote and philosophy by Henderson. And to leave off, here's a little excerpt from Dan Gable, one of the great wrestlers and wrestling coaches of all-time that is on the same wavelength (came from the book 'A Fighters Mind by Sam Sheridan).

"If I knew I was going to wrestle in the finals of the Olympics against a Russian and I knew he had been training specifically to beat me, but then I knew the guy was on steroids, that would HELP me," said Gable. "Whereas some might think 'oh he's cheating,' for me you didn't pay the price. You're not as committed as I am. It'll tear him apart. He may be strong, but all I have to do during that nine minutes of wrestling is loosen one single wire in his brain, make him do something that isn't perfect, and he'll fall apart."

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