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Robert Rousseau

Evan Dunham Defeats Gleison Tibau by Split Decision

By February 2, 2013

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Gleison Tibau is a huge lightweight. Evan Dunham was once a legitimate title contender. Here's how their UFC 156 bout went down.

The first round started out with both fighters landing big shots, but Tibau definitely got the better of things. The bigger man (Tibau) then took Dunham down. When the two got to their feet, Tibau attempted a standing guillotine, eventually falling to the ground with it and using it to take the top position. Dunham escaped and eventually got to his feet. For the rest of the stanza, Dunham out-struck his adversary, including in the clinch with dirty boxing and knees. But Tibau deserves the stanza, based on his earlier performance.

Round two saw Dunham begin to look much quicker than his adversary early on, landing lots of punches. After a big left by Tibau, Dunham took his opponent down momentarily. Though Tibau got right back to his feet, Dunham pressed him up against the cage wall and started to wear him down there. After a separation, Dunham's clear speed advantage and better striking continued until the bell.

I have this one all tied going into the final round.

Tibau landed an early takedown in round three and looked for the guillotine again to no avail. Dunham got to his feet and then the striking battle began. In the end, it was a good battle. But Dunham definitely hit home with more strikes than his adversary in the final round and deserved the stanza.

Evan Dunham defeats Gleison Tibau by split decision.

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February 10, 2013 at 6:06 pm
(1) Ronin Athletics says:

It wasn’t pretty, and it’s unlikely to occupy much space on his highlight reel, but Evan Dunham outlasted fellow lightweight Gleison Tibau and picked up a split-decision victory. Great victory in martial arts.

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