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Robert Rousseau

Yushin Okami Defeats Alan Belcher by Unanimous Decision

By December 29, 2012

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Yushin Okami vs. Alan Belcher at UFC 155.  Here's how it all went down.

Early in round one, Belcher landed a nice low kick. Then he hit home with a solid high kick that was partially blocked. Belcher then hit home with a mild right. Okami connected with a jab as Belcher was attempting a kick, which left Belcher off balance. Okami drove him into the cage wall, where he hit home with a couple of knees.  Okami tried to take his opponent down, which led to Belcher falling on him. Then Belcher attempted a guillotine, falling onto his back to no avail. Actually, all it did was leave him on his back with his opponent on top. Okami gained side control. Belcher began to get up, which left Okami on his back. Then came the bell.

Okami did no damage on top at all. But considering that Belcher didn't do much and his opponent controlled things, give the stanza to the Japanese fighter.

Early in round two, Okami charged forward and pressed Belcher into the wall. Okami attempted another takedown, leaving Belcher on top once more. Once again, Belcher went for a guillotine unsuccessfully, leaving him on his back again.

Belcher should play more of a positional game here.

Okami moved to side control. Then the referee stood the two up.

What?  Who stands people up from side control?

Anyway, Belcher then landed a hard right hand to the face. Later, Okami pressed him into the cage again. Then he dragged him to the canvas. Okami did almost nothing, leading to the referee standing them up. Then came the bell.\

Okami is controlling things. He's doing no damage, but is going to win the fight unless Belcher stops him or nets a two point final round.

Early in round three, Belcher landed a hard right hand that dropped Okami for a brief moment. But Okami pressed him into the cage again. Another attempted takedown by Okami led to Belcher ending up on top of him in the mount position. Then he took his adversary's back. Okami stood up, which led to Belcher attempting a guillotine choke. Okami went to the ground with him and escaped the guillotine. The Japanese fighter then moved to the mount position. Eventually, this led to him taking Belcher's back. And then came the bell.

Yushin Okami wins a pretty uneventful fight by unanimous decision.

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